Thursday, December 31, 2009

Conservative Teen Awards Part 2

Here's Part 2!

Best Steven Crowder Vid:
The winner...Obama's Halloween (Featuring Carl and Cindy)

Best Covers:
The winner...Mreebee3's YouTube Channel

Best Video from Mreebee3:
The winner...Stacks by Bon Iver

Best Trailer:
The winner... New Moon

Best New Moon Trailer Spoof:
The winner... EvilIguana's

Best LOL Moment:
The winner...Nigahiga's ChildrensBop

Best Piano Covers:
The winner...Yoonha85TV

Best Taylor Lautner skit on SNL:
The winner...Team Jacob vs. Team Edward

So, there you have the awards. Hope you enjoyed them and maybe gave you a laugh...or not

More posting come next year!
-Conservative Teen

Conservative Teen Awards Part 1

As you know, today is December 31st, 2009. The very last day of this year. And, hasn't it been one heck of a year? Yep.

So, every website is doing a top 10 or 50 list of the year, but I'm changing it up a bit.
So, welcome to the Conservative Teen Awards!

Our first category is:
Biggest Blunder
The winner... Electing Obama into office!

2. Worst "what the heck?" moment:
The winner... Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift's speech.

3. Best "She did what?" moment:
The winner... Rihanna tattooing a gun on her person after Chris Brown attacked her

4. Best Scariest moment on TV:
The winner... Adam Lambert's AMA performance (Thank God I never watched it)

5. Weirdest Closet:
The winner... Lady Gaga (hands down!)

6. Most Overplayed Song on the Radio:
The winner... I Got a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas

7. Next Spears Wanna-be
The winner... Ke$ha

8. Worst Movie:
The winner... Paul Blart: Mall Cop

9. Best Movie:
The winner... Star Trek

10. Best Lead Male Actor:
The winner... Chris Pine in Star Trek

11. Best Supporting Male Actor:
The winner... Zachary Quinto in Star Trek

12. Best Lead Female Actor:
The winner...Dakota Fanning in Push

13. Best Supporting Female Actor:
The winner...Camille Belle in Push

14. Best Soundtrack:
The winner...New Moon

15. Most Over-Photographed:
The winner...The Twilight Saga Cast

16. Biggest Head(s)
The winners... Heidi and Spencer Pratt

17. Biggest Shoulda-been-a-scandal:
The winner...Anita Dunn's Mao Se Tsung

18. Best New Tv Show:
The winner...White Collar (Sorry Vampire Diaries, if you hadn't deviated so much from the books...but I like the two dudes you casted as the Salvatore bros.)

19. Best New Face:
The winner...Matt Bomer (Paul Westly {Stefan Salvatore, Vampire Diaries} almost won)

20. Dumbest Move by a Disney Star:
The winner...Miley Cyrus and her tattoo.

21. Best move by Miley Cyrus:
The winner...Dropping Twitter

22. Saddest Moment of my life:
The winner...Actually laughing at an episode of Hannah Montana

23. Best "Okay He's Dead Let's Move On:"
The winner...Michael Jakson (He's dead, let's get on with it already)

24. Dumbest Over-hyped Movie:
The winner...It's Complicated

25. Best Feel Good Funny Movie:
The winner...17 Again

26. Saddest Movie I Ever Wasted My Time Watching:
The winner...The Hannah Montana Movie

27. Nice Cameo...
The winner...The Jonas Bros. in Night at the Museum 2

28. Another Failed Attempt at a Harry Potter movie...
The winner...Half-Blood Prince (obviously)

29. Michael Moore Failed Again... (I don't even need to elaborate)

30. Flo Rida Song I Could Live Without...
The winner...Right Round

31. Britney Spears Song That is So Overplayed It Gives Me a Headache:
The winner... If U Seek Amy

32. Best CD of the Year:
The winner...Ocean Eyes by Owl City

33. Best Song Off the CD of the Year:
The winner...Bird and the Worm

34. Song That Best Fits the Tea Parties:
The winner...Uprising by Muse

35. Craziest Lyrics:
The Winner... One Time by Justin Bieber

36. Gangsta Wannabe:
The winner...Justin Bieber

37. Most Disgusting Band:
The winner...3oh!3

38. "Perverted Much?"
The winner...Don't Trust Me by 3oh!3

39. Awesome New-ish Group:
The winner...Miike Snow (Yes, the two i's are there for a reason)

40. The Band That Never Disappoints Me:
The winner...All American Rejects

41. Best New Song I Wrote:
The winner..."You're a Mean One, Mr. Reid." (If you want the lyrics, comment below and I'll put them in another post)

42. Moment That Made Me Laugh:
The winner...When Juan Williams (Fox News) started crying when Obama was sworn in. (Ay, yi yi!)

43. Moment That Made Me Roll My Eyes:
The winner...When the lead girl in the Princess and The Frog started crying during an interview because they were finally breaking the stereotype of white, blonde princesses. (What's with all the racial crying?)

44. Dumbest Idea:
The winner...Health Care Bills

45. If Awesome Had a Name, It Would Be:
The winner...Steven Crowder

46. Best Fox News Host:
The winner...Glenn Beck

47. Stupidest Mistake by the Obama Admin.:
The winner...Attacking Fox News (that was just...dumb)

48. Two-Faced, Much?:
The winner...The Obama's dog, Bo. (He was supposed to be from a shelter.)

49. Best Tweets:
The winner...Jordan Crowder

50. Best YouTube Channel:
The winner...Steven Crowder

51. Best Saturday Night Live Hosting:
The winner...Taylor Lautner

52. Worst Marriage Collapsation (Yes, I made up that word)
The winner...Jon and Kate

53. "We'll See How Long That Marriage Lasts..."
The winners...Kevin and Danielle Jonas

54. "Aw, They Were Kinda Cute Together..."
The winners...Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner

55. "Do You Think They're Dating?"
The winners...Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

56. Worst Single Released: (Well, one of many)
The winner...Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

57. "Whoop, There Went His Career..."
The winner...Tiger Woods (with Christian Bale trailing by a teensy bit)

58. One of my Favorite websites:
The winner...

This concludes part 1...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Recaps of the news/ celebs etc.

Sorry for not writing like all month, but I am finally on CHRISTmas break. It's 'bout time, seriously.

So, what's been going on in politics?
Let's see..
The libs have been vehement in making sure the health care gets passed with the lie of public option in there

Nebraska is exempt from the rules of the bill

Abortion is still in there (whether they admit it or not)

Obama almost didn't put up a nativity scene (wow, he really is determined to not make this a Christian nation, isn't he?)

Anita Dunn has resigned (seriously lady, if you had even a pea-sized noggin you wouldn't be goin' around talking about Tsung your hero, or how you manipulated the media during the campaign. Even John Edwards isn't that dumb. Or maybe not...)

Van Jones has resigned (Thanks to the ever-awesome Glenn Beck on both of those)

Obama's NOT taking the troops of Iraq. (He sure keeps his promises, doesn't he?)

Tiger Woods keeps digging a deeper hole for himself (Yeah, it's not really news, but people seem to treat it as if it is)

Brittney Murphy suddenly died (I bet it's drugs, don't you? She's had like five hubbies. Crazy...seriously)

Carrie Underwood got engaged (dude, congrats)

So that should purty much recap what I should have been blogging about this month.

P.S. Steven Crowder's new video will be up on 12-21-09 around 7:00-ish (central time)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Holidays? Nope, Merry CHRISTmas

You know what really ticks me off? Happy holidays. Gag me with a spoon.
Is Christmas really so bad?
Stupid athetists. But, what really makes me mad, is how Kwanza, a made up holiday, is now cool. I remember watching this Arthur special, hehe, where Arthur told Buster he should make up a holiday. Something else which makes me laugh, Steven Crowder, yes the conservative dude of awesomeness, played Brain in that movie. And Brain, Crowder, raps about Kwanza. That still makes me laugh.
 So, according to the world now, we are celebrating the holidays, we put up Christmas trees, and Santa comes on Christmas matter how hard they try, there comes that pesky little word Christmas. Hm, who's losing now?
They can try and take Christmas out of everything but I don't think its possible. We've been celebrating Christmas for such a long time now, that not celebrating it would be like not kissing your girlfriend/boyfriend wife/husband on New Years Eve. (I know dumb example but what'd you want me to say? Easter without the Easter Bunny? I'd love that, cuz HE'S NOT REAL! Speakin' of which they took God out of that holiday too. Shocker! I think not, there are no surprises with them, truthfully.)
So, here's an idea for you, when you're at the store and the clerk tells you Happy Holidays, tell him Merry Christmas with a smile and watch his reaction. You might be surprised.
Oh, just so you know, everytime some dumb commercial says, Happy Holidays, my sis and I correct the tv.

Yep, that's just how we roll...and I don't care that the Jonas Brothers have a song with the same title. "They suck anyways." (New Moon spoof by Evil Iguana. Hil-ar-ious.)

So...Merry CHRISTmas.
I just realized, looking over my posts, that I never really write about politics anymore. Strange...
So, time to break that streak...

Here is global warming...

While the world's politicians argue in Copenhagen, some scientists are speaking out at an alternative "skeptics' conference."

More than 50 scientists, businessmen and lobby groups met to discuss alternative theories about global warming and climate change, reports the Telegraph. The paper highlights a few scientists, including Professor Henrik Svensmark, a physicist at the Danish National Space Center in Copenhagen, who said the recent warming period was caused by solar activity.
svensmark saidthat the last time the world experienced such high temperatures, during the medieval warming period, the Sun and the Earth were in a similar cycle.

Professor Nils-Axel Morner, a geologist from Stockholm University, said sea-level rise has also been exaggerated by the "climate alarmists" using computer models.

He said observational data from lake sediments, coast lines and trees show sea levels have remained stable.

Read the full story at the Telegraph.source

Okay, this is nuts.
If these scientists think the temps are rising need to come to the Midwest. I am up to my knees in snow and my fingers are numb from shoveling.
They've made too much money off these lies to tell the truth, and that's why they keep coming up with this stuff. They know its not really getting that much warmer. But Al Gore's raking it in, the scientists are raking it in, ya get the picture.
I really don't like it that they keep coming up with these ideas, and people keep buying it. Were those e-mails not enough proof? They even said that they really didn't believe this stuff.
Sometimes I seriously wonder if these scientists sit on their little behinds thinking up different stupid ideas. I mean, now we're blaming the "cycle."
What's next? Wait, I take that back I do not want to know.
Ah, well, that's that. These scientists are crazy.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Have you noticed politics are always depressing? Yeah, me too. Now, I know I could be just like Glenn Beck and make you grab the pills, but I'm not like that. Sorry, if you're disappointed, and you wanted some hard-hitting news story that makes your jaw drop. Not tonight.
No, tonight I heard Obama's approval rating dropped down to 47%. Wow, there's some change...for him. :)

So, in honor of this unforeseen (bahaha I saw this a looong time ago) drop-age, I have a special song for him.

It is a spoof of the song by the ever-awful Fergie. Now, keep in mind, I've never actually listened to the full song, but have heard my cousin sing it, and looked up the CLEAN (emphasis on clean) lyrics. Not to worry, this song is kid friendly. What now, Ferg? That's more than she and can do. haha

Here we blow:
Approval Rating by Conservative Teen

Oh snap!

Oh snap!

Oh snap!

(Are you ready for this?)

Oh snap!

Oh! It’s me ‘Bama

The dem’crat.

‘Bama, what’s up baby?

Come on!

When I come to the House, step aside

(oh snap)

Part the seas, don’t be making me wait

(oh snap)

VIP cuz you know I’m a racist

(oh snap)

All my dems get down in the House

(oh snap)

Passing them bills like fire

(oh snap)

I’m such a liar but I’m acting like a prez

(oh snap)

Cause you know I don’t give a thought ‘bout it

(oh snap)

How come everytime I come around

My approval ‘proval rating wanna go down like

Rating rating rating wanna go down like

Rating rating rating wanna go down like

Rating rating rating wanna go down like

How come every time I come around

My approval ‘proval rating wanna go down like

Rating rating wanna go down like

Rating rating rating wanna go down like

Rating rating rating wanna go down like

Porkulus start passing faith in me failing

Everybody starting to look real mad

(oh snap)

That Glenn Beck got you feeling good

(oh snap)

Now I’m wishing he weren’t on the news

(oh snap)

It’s like every time I rant on the dude

(oh snap)

CNN put my business on the news

And I’m like hello good people

(oh snap)

Before I go and pass new bill

(oh snap)

Make sure you get my good side

(oh snap)

You got that? I got the face

How come every time I come around

My approval ‘proval rating wanna go down like

Rating rating rating wanna go down like

Rating rating rating wanna go down like

Rating rating rating wanna go down like

How come every time I come around

My approval ‘proval rating wanna go down like

Rating rating wanna go down like

Rating rating rating wanna go down like

Rating rating rating wanna go down like

La da da da da doo doo doo doo

Me lies like a waterfall they never stop

‘Bama likes ‘em long strung my libs support, right?

Another ‘Bama Biden callabo

‘Bama and Biden

When I come to the House, step aside

(oh snap)

Part the seas, don’t be making me wait

(oh snap)

V.I.P cuz you know I’m a racist

(oh snap)

I’m ‘Bam ‘Bama and me love your votes

(oh snap)

All my dems get down in the House

(oh snap)

Passing them bills fire

(oh snap)

I’m such a liar but I’m acting like a prez

(oh snap)

Cause you know I don’t give a thought to it

(oh snap)

How come every time I come around

My approval ‘proval rating wanna go down like

Rating rating rating wanna go down like

Rating rating rating wanna go down like

Rating rating rating wanna go down like

How come every time I come around

My approval ‘proval rating wanna go down like

Rating rating rating wanna go down like

Rating rating rating wanna go down like

Rating rating rating wanna go down like

Well, I hope you enjoyed that, maybe someday I'll sing it. Right...


Wednesday, December 2, 2009



President Obama's plans for seeking an international agreement at a U.N. climate change conference next week sound precariously similar to his plans for pitching Chicago as the host city for the 2016 Summer Olympics two months ago.

At both meetings, the president scheduled very brief appearances, planning to arrive early and be long gone before any decision was reached. And, coincidentally, the destination in both cases was Copenhagen, Denmark.

Obama's first visit ended in decisive failure, with Rio de Janeiro winning the bid. So is the president setting himself up for a repeat? Or is he facing down his Denmark demons and looking to get his mojo back?

Patrick Michaels, former president of the American Association of State Climatologists and environmental fellow at the Cato Institute, said he has his doubts.

"The president is carrying nothing credible in his pocket, so how can he compel people to do something credible?" he said, referring to the fact that Congress has not passed its cap-and-trade bill.

Obama has traveled abroad extensively -- to summits and conferences and high-level meetings -- since taking office. Those trips have produced a slew of agreements and announcements, but little concrete action. And on some of the biggest issues of the world stage -- the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Iranian nuclear program among them -- the president's approach has yielded little progress.

Analysts say that while Obama might help strike a broadly worded deal in Copenhagen, a legally binding replacement for the 1997 Kyoto Protocol may be just as unlikely after his visit as before.

Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., reminded the president of his limits in a letter he sent to the White House last week after Obama announced he would travel to Copenhagen and lay out America's goals for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent from 2005 levels by 2020.

"I would like to express my concern regarding reports that the administration may believe it has the unilateral power to commit the government of the United States to certain standards that may be agreed upon (in Denmark). ... The phrase 'politically binding' has been used," Webb wrote. "As you well know from your time in the Senate, only specific legislation agreed upon in the Congress, or a treaty ratified by the Senate, could actually create such a commitment on behalf of our country."

Michaels said that letter alone hurts Obama's efforts in Copenhagen, since it could confirm delegates' suspicions that the president may not be prepared to hold up the United States' end of any grand bargain.

Heather Conley, senior fellow with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said Obama's travel schedule could also dim his chances of success.

The president plans to stop by on Dec. 9, before heading to Oslo to collect the Nobel Peace Prize the next day. But the climate conference lasts two weeks, from Dec. 7-18.

"The timing is off," Conley said. "He's going to be there the second or third day of the beginning of the negotiations. Political leaders are a bit flummoxed because they don't know how to incorporate President Obama's visit to Copenhagen, which they applaud, but it's not quite in the right sequence to make a concrete agreement possible."

She said any agreement would come at the "very end" of the conference, not the beginning.

The White House said the timing of the president's visit is immaterial.

"I think the president believes that that visit happening at the beginning is just as important as it would be at any point to getting that deal going quicker," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said.

Many officials at home and abroad have praised Obama effusively for his decision to attend the climate change summit and lay out U.S. targets.

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., said in a statement that Obama's pitch "could be one hell of a global game changer."
"The fact that the president will attend the Copenhagen talks underscores that the administration is putting its money where its mouth is, putting the president's prestige on the line," Kerry said.

That's a dangerous place for the president's prestige to be, given what happened last time in Copenhagen. The president's other international trips have yielded mixed results.

Obama's eight-day trip through Asia last month didn't result in any concrete victories for the United States, though the president said his talks with Asian leaders could spur economic growth.

In a positive sign, China and Russia -- two nations Obama has reached out to -- later joined the United States and other Western nations in condemning Iran's nuclear activities. But Iran then turned around to declare defiantly that it would develop 10 more nuclear sites.

With Russia, Obama's travels yielded a number of agreements, including a pledge to cooperate more fully on bringing security to Afghanistan and a transit agreement allowing U.S. military equipment and supplies to travel through Russia on their way to Afghanistan.

The two countries also put out a statement setting out target limits for warheads and delivery systems, guiding negotiations for a new treaty to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

But that effort has slowed, with administration aides now admitting that both countries will probably need a "bridge" agreement because a new deal won't be hammered out before the current treaty expires Dec. 5.

Elsewhere, the April G-20 summit in London resulted in a pledge for more than $1 trillion in financing to the International Monetary Fund and other institutions. And during the summertime G-8 meeting in Italy, industrialized nations pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050.

But a Kyoto successor is what the international community is focusing on when it comes to climate change. And the split is wide between developed countries like the United States and developing countries like India and China, which are hesitant to commit to binding targets.

The fact that the Senate has not yet followed the House's lead in passing a U.S. climate change bill puts Obama in a potentially weakened position in Copenhagen.

Michaels predicted "a lot of comprehensive hot air" in otherwise chilly Denmark.

"A breakthrough will be claimed when in fact none will exist," he said. source

Well, bet you're happy; I'm political again!

See, the prob with Obama is he's charming but full of confetti. There is nothing to his word. It's like promising you I'll tell you my real name and phone number. Heck no!

He thinks he's so swauve all the time. "I'm a-gonna charm you." He reminds me of a peacock at times. Just flauting his socalist feathers, which he'd deny of course. But, eh.

This is so stupid, seriously, a climate change confrence? Seriously? While we're at it, why don't we have a chocolate chip cookie confrence. Hey, they both matter about the same amount, in my 'pinion, at least.

Like the Olympic bid, I disagree w/ this idea. Hey, what do I agree with Obama about?

Oh, well...

Leave the poor man alone already!

You probably heard about Tiger (i always wanna type Tigger) Woods' affair. I should probably rant about the fact that there are barely any sane athletes left, that he's probably gonna lose fans and sponsers, and that he made a bad choice. But I'm not going to.

I'm just going to say one thing: leave him alone. He made a mistake, so let's not meddle in his personal life. Sure, it's interesting, but how does it impact your life?

Just some food for thought...
P.S. I have a feeling the global warming is approaching, considering I'm in jeans, long-sleeves, hoodie, socks, and wishing I had on a coat. Wow, great goin', Al.

Ugh, not again

Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!!
Wonder what all the fuss is about? Read on...

Adam Lambert wants to get close to Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and the rest of the "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" cast. The singer tells MTV his song "Suburban Decay" would work for the vampire-werewolf-human romantic drama, though "Decay" didn't find a spot on his first album.

"It's a great song and I hope to perform it someday, and I think it will find a home, on a soundtrack or something ... maybe 'Twilight,'" Lambert said. "It just didn't quite fit [on the album 'For Your Entertainment']. It's very theatrical... It's very campy, and it was just a bit too campy for the album as a big picture."
If you're keeping score at home, that means the "Twilight" series higher on the camp scale than Lambert and his infamous American Music Awards performance.
"Twilight: Eclipse" comes to theaters June 30, 2010. source

Yeah, great timing, dude. You try and jump on the Twilight bandwagon right after you behave like a perverted little boy onstage. Yeah, gee, I wonder if they'll let you.
These are teenagers who like the Twilight series (for the most part) and I don't wanna see him on the soundtrack. Someone I do wanna see? RPattz, and The Mitch Hansen Band.

Everybody wants a piece of the Twilight saga. Haven't you noticed? (Kelly Clarkson, Kings of Leon, Jonas Brothers, etc.) And I didn't want any of them, thank you very much!

People, we like the unknown artists, actors, etc. I don't want already popular people who already have a great career (or a really sucky one and they think getting on this franchise will boost it).

I say big VETO to Adam.

Sorry...or not :)

As well, big head much? "I think it'd be a great song, cuz I'm gay and I wrote it. So, you know it's pretty awesome. And if you don't like it you're a homophobe. Hehehe."

P.S. Oh, btw, it's not cuz you're gay, dude.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stephanie Pratt has little chicken legs

Hey again:
Heh, aren't you lucky, two posts in one day!

Tonight, it's reason #568 (or close to it) why I hate Hollywood.

The case: Stephanie Pratt. Besides the fact that her brother is a total ding-dong, have you seen how skinny she is now?

Need evidence?

The pic on the top was in July and the one on the bottom was taken in November.
Her thighs are as big as my sister's, and she's 10!
I get so sick of Hollywood trying to make us feel bad about ourselves if we have meat on our bones. I'm careful what I eat, I exercise, and I'm not stick thin. Pardon me for not wanting to starve myself or purge.
What is with this need to have little stick thin legs? I have this marvelous thing called muscle on my arms. $10 says Stephanie Pratt can't even lift five pounds. If you're that  skinny, that's sad. There is no need to be so skinny, unless you have a really awesome metabolism. Then you're off the hook. :)

I really hate these so-called "role models." How about people who A) have contributed something worthwhile to soceity and B) don't dediate their lives to weighing less than 110 pounds.

Ah, just my 'pinion.

I need to rant bahaha

You know what really bugs me, (besides O'l Obama ducking out of questions with no criticism) judgment.

People judge things without really looking into it. Need some examples, oh, baby, I got 'em.

1. Sarah Palin.

Libs judge the heck out of this poor woman for no reason. Actually, wait, they judge her because she's perfect!! They can't try and judge Hilary Clinton, that lady's so messed up, it's just not even worth it. I have a lot of hope for Sarah, and I think she's going places. Sure, they attack her but I secretly think they like her. Yep.

2. Harry Potter. People judge this one without looking into this one either. Everyone's all "Oh, it's magic! Oh, no! Save me! Aaaah!" People: calm down! Sure, it's magic, ooh scary. The fact that they're wizards is almost just a side part. It's more about the characters growing up. It's not like they're worshiping the devil. Please, it's good vs. evil and good wins. I'm not talking about Philip Pullman, here, okay? It's also the maturity of the kid in question. If you think they're going to start mimicking the books, like doing spells and getting into witchcraft, all right, fine, don't let 'em read them. But don't force your opinion on me. I've already read all the books, and seen the movies, and I love them. JK Rowling is a great author, and I hope she writes some other series too.

3. Twilight. Ooh, babe! People, legalistic people especially, like to name this, "a cult" or label it as the devil's books. I hardly see it that way. These are NOT the stereotypical vampires you've heard of it. They live among people, don't drink their blood, and have a loving family atmosphere. Sounds cheesy? Well, it's not. The way Stephenie Meyer develops it makes it almost believable, and that takes a talented author to do that. Yeah, sure it's a romance, but it's not pornographic. Some people call it "emotional porn," and I laugh. Hardly. Yeah, some girls go gaga over Edward and get a little obsessive, but that's not everyone. There are more calm fans, like me, who love the series, think Edward's a fly guy, but know he's fake. And I can comprehend there's no guy as perfect as Edward. But a girl can dream, can't she? :) People need to stop making judgments about it and read the books. Yeah, it's a vampire book, but it's not disgusting, it's not weird, and it's enjoyable. If people would give it a chance, without a tainted opinion, it might not get such a bad rep. It's a good series, so STOP JUDGING it, a'right? good. :)

I know this barely relates to politics, but I've read a few articles of people discussing the Twilight series, making it out to be a devil's cult. I don't see it that way, and maybe it's just me, I don't think so though. :)
A break from politics is always nice, oui? I thought so...

Well, enjoy this cold weather and laugh at Al Gore's global warming theories...


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

AMA Music Awards...No worries, this article IS kid friendly. Ha, Take That Lambert

Well, you've probably heard about good ol' Adam Lambert... *cough* pervert *cough*.
This is kinda a raunchy topic so just an fyi, I've edited the article bit. But I'm still telling you where it came from and all that stuff. Like the little said, it's kid friendly. Ya might find it interesting, I s'pose.

Adam Lambert admits he got carried away with his sexually charged American Music Awards performance, but he's offering no apology.

The glam rocker from "American Idol" said on "The Early Show" that his performance would not have caused as much controversy if he weren't openly gay. He also said there were other "adult" moments on the show that caused no outrage.

"I admit I did get carried away, but I don't see anything wrong with it," he said Wednesday. "I do see how people got offended and that was not my intention. My intention was to interpret the lyrics of my song and have a good time with it."

ABC received many complaints about the performance and that network's morning show, "Good Morning America," canceled Lambert's scheduled appearance on Wednesday because it said it couldn't trust what he would do.

"The Early Show" on CBS, perennially third in a three-network morning show race, happily gave him a platform -- interviewing him and asking him to sing.

Lambert admitted he didn't rehearse some of the more risque elements of his award show performance -- a point that particularly upset ABC, which said it was taken by surprise by what he did. In the future, he said he'd try to get these issues cleared before the show.

But he noted that Lady Gaga smashed whiskey bottles during her performance, Eminem rapped about rape and Janet Jackson briefly groped a male dancer.
"Janet Jackson, crotch grab," he said. "I haven't heard one peep about that."

He said that "if it had been a female pop performer doing (his) moves that were on the stage, I don't think there would be nearly as much of an outrage."
"I think it's because I'm a gay male," he added.

Offered a chance to apologize, he declined. He said he didn't consider that there may have been children watching because his American Music Awards performance came at nearly 11 p.m., and that it's a parent's job to monitor what their children are watching on TV.

"I'm not a baby sitter," he said. "I'm a performer."

Asked what he'd do differently if he had the chance, Lambert said, "I would sing it a little bit better."
"I guess I have a tendency to divide people," he added. "Apples and oranges -- you either like it or you don't."

Lambert was scheduled to perform two songs later in the morning broadcast. "For Your Entertainment" wasn't one of them.
"Parents, this is appropriate, I promise," he said at the end of the interview.

"For Your Entertainment" is the first single from Lambert's new album, which went on sale Monday. source

Well, let me just start off with...jerk!!!!!
There is no excuse for behavior this explicit. I don't even 1/2 care you're gay, alright?! You're under attack because no one should do that! Yeah, forget all that, "it's okay to be gay" crud. That was beyond revolting. I wouldn't care if Lady Gaga did that, I'd still be ranting about that. You had no right in the world to do that.
And ABC can say it wasn't planned, but something tells me they could be lying... I mean, they sound kinda guilty to me.
I am, seriously, not a homophobe by any means. I do not fear you so don't take it as that. The chances of someone actually being homophobic are most likely pretty minimal. Now you do have more people with these crazy things called...morals. Wow, bet Adam's never heard of those. With him it's all "forget what's right all the time." I mean, he has no limitations. If we tried to tell, like we have been, that it's inappropriate behavior, look at what he fires back with. Again, WHAT WITH THE HOMOPHOBIA THING!!!!!!??
It's ridiculous, seriously.
I am so glad he didn't go on GMA, he didn't deserve the right to be on television in my mind. Now CBS, the little kiss-ups, has him on. Why am I not surprised?

This is going to sound really mean, but sorry, I really hope his cd fails. I do. I think we should boycott him. No, not because he's gay, but because of his responses to the event and the event itself. Like I think we should boycott Kanye West, Eminem, Miley Cyrus....etc. It's not so much them, it's their actions, and what they say. If they'd behave and shut their pieholes we wouldn't be forced to boycott so much stuff. Like Gossip Girl, or 90210, those are revolting shows with no morals that I just stay away from. How does their sex lives change mine? Same goes for Adam Lambert.

Why do celebs (i.e. Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Ellen Degeneres, Pete Wentz) think we need to know if they're bi-sexual or gay? How does it change our lives? They might lose some fan base, ("homophobes") but really not that much. It changes the celebs lives. Jolie has said she's regretted coming out with the truth, and she should. People now-a-days seem to trust too much. Why do we have rape cases coming out all the time? Too much trust in the wrong people. Anyways, the celebs seem to think the public wants to know about their sexuality, sex lives, who's sexy, how awesome they are, their favorite color...etc.

Part of the reason I hate, literally hate hollywood is the celebs. They're too open, skanky, and full of themselves. The most refreshing celebs at this point are Taylor Lautner and Rob Pattinson. Yes, I know they're from Twilight but stay with me here. Watch interviews of them. Taylor comes across as mature yet he doesn't have a big head. I mean, he dated Selena Gomez, I wouldn't put that on his list of accomplishments. No offense of course. :) Rob, is this goofy, 23 year old dude who can barely dress himself. He is not very well put together, and that's nice to see. Most celebs chalk on the make-up, dress shirts, and slicked back hair. Rob, on the other hand, dresses like a hobo. (My friend thinks he looks like he's been having one too many hangovers :D)

 Celebs, though they like to forget it, are human. So why people look up to them annoys the heck out of me. Stop screaming at 'em. You're only encouraging big heads. Why do you think Brad Pitt still thinks he's a sex symbol? He's had girls screaming at him since like, ever. BTW, dude, that beard is not doing ya any favors.

Back to Adam, it is ridiculous that he has not apologized. He should. Most of his fan base, correct me if I'm wrong, was teens, wasn't it?(Truthfully, I liked Kris Allen better. Ooh, I'm such a rebel) So, is he just leaving that nice stuff behind him and moving on? Apparently, yes, he is.

He's gonna regret all this someday, mark my words, he will. He seriously cannot feel proud about the way he behaved up their on stage. I really think this is gonna leave a mark on his career. He'll forever be Pervert Boy. Sorry, the truth hurts, doesn't it, Adam?

Ay yi yi, what has television and people for that matter come to? Adam has this semi-compulsive need to flaunt his gay-ness. (yeah, i kinda sorta just made that word up.)

This is not normal, but I'd be keeping an eye out for this to happen again. Hey, he's gonna be a repeat offender, I just know it.

Ah, well, tanks for reading (yes I mean tanks)


P.S. You know its bad when he cakes on more make-up than I do...and I'm a teenage girl! Crazy, much?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama yep sorry I don't have any title just Obama boring much?

Just out of curiosity, I googled Barack Obama...
So, I scanned the page a couple of times, and at the top, was the link to his official website.
Here's what the synopsis on the google page says:

"Building on the movement that elected President Obama by empowering communities across the country to bring about an agenda of change."

What "movement?" It was just a bunch of libs, and people "charmed" by his "charisima."

"Empowering communities?" Oh yeah, if you means the slums in Chicago and the idiots who voted for him without looking at his background. (no offense of course)

"agenda of change?" Well, I see the change and the agenda. But um, I find it kinda strange they don't mention all the hope he promised? Maybe it's cuz THERE IS NONE!!!! maybe, i dunno.

Oh, well, just thought I'd let ya know 'bout that.

Luv, Palin, and Crowder...

French are Helicopter Parents


PARIS — A French lawmaker says she has proposed a bill to ban corporal punishment, including spanking of children.

National Assembly member and pediatrician Edwige Antier says she believes spanking makes children more "sly, lying and aggressive."

The lawmaker says that after 38 years of medical practice she believes that "children who have never been spanked are better behaved, listen more to adults and are more respectful of their authority."

Antier, a member of President Nicolas Sarkozy's conservative party, says 18 European countries already outlaw spanking. Her comments appeared Sunday in Le Parisien newspaper.

French schools are banned from using corporal punishment, but no law prevents parents from spanking their children. Source

Yes, French nannies.

Good gosh, can these governments stop being parents to everyone? I find this ridiculous.
If children are naughty, they need to be punished. Now, I can testify spankings hurt, but it kept me from putting gum in my sister's hair.

I mean, kids already cannot play tag at recess, because they're party poopers. Not really, but their reasons are faulty and not very well supported in my mind. :)

Does the government just wanna adopt these kids? Uh, I'm sorry, but no way in heck, could you force me to go live w/ the government. Cuz, the truth is, if they're ruining our country, why in the world would we trust them with children? yes, i know this is in France, and they're already corrupt enough, but u never know what Houdini-bama's got up his sleeve...

So, happy Sunday!

Luv, Palin, and Crowder...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Evening Rant: 9/11 Trials

Hello and all that stuff:
So, once again, I'm sorry for not writing on my blog. School's just crazy as heck, no kidding.
Before I jump into this messy gack, let me say that, if Steven Crowder ever *shakes head* reads this, this is for you: YOUR TWEETS ARE HIL-AR-IOUS. (yes, I did separate them, so read it as you see it.)


Michael Mukasey, the attorney general at the end of President Bush's second term, ripped his successor's decision to prosecute the Sept. 11 conspirators in a federal court, saying the trial will give jihadists a forum and could compromise delicate intelligence.

Mukasey, in an interview with Fox News, called the civilian trial announced Friday by Attorney General Eric Holder "the wrong place, under the wrong circumstances, in the wrong forum."

"After 9/11, we recognized that we were at war," he said, arguing that military tribunals were created for this kind of case and noting that they have been used since the Revolutionary War and during and after World War II.

"There are forums that allow the presentation of evidence in a controlled atmosphere, where you can limit access to classified information, and where you can receive evidence gathered on the battlefield, not necessarily under the kinds of conditions in which police gather evidence in a conventional case," he said. "That's not true in federal court."

On Friday, Holder announced that the self-proclaimed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Guantanamo detainees will be tried in federal court in New York for their alleged role in the attacks that killed 2,976 American civilians -- saying the U.S. will seek the death penalty against the defendants.

Holder said he decided to seek justice against the suspects in federal court rather than a military tribunal because the attacks targeted civilians on U.S. soil. But Mukasey and other critics say the attack was an act of war that should be prosecuted in a military tribunal.

Mukasey said it's unlikely that Mohammed will be acquitted because of his confession and other evidence linking him to the attack. But he added that same evidence could present problems in federal court.

"The real problem is that there is other evidence that may very well come from classified sources, that would be easier to handle in a military tribunal, much harder to handle in a civilian tribunal," Mukasey said.

He added that the trial also puts the terrorists on the kind of stage they seek.

"They want to be on a big stage and there's no bigger stage than New York," he said. source

Now, I have to admit, I actually had to *gasp* think on this one. So that's what my brains for... just kidding... I'm finally on the same level as most libs. No offense ;)
I agree w/ the fact that they deserve the death sentence, I do not know how I feel about the whole "trial thing." These dudes obviously want attention, I mean, ya don't just go killing Americans so no one will ever know your name. And apparently, they have a deep, festering (that word always reminds me of Fester Addams) hate towards America. Which, fine. If you wanna hate America, sadly, I cannot stop you. And, sorry Obama, resoning with them about that hate is like resoning with a 2 year old right before bath time.
I say, which the liberals are gonna freak out about this, that we skip the whole trail and just give 'em the death sentence. We know they commited this crime, so why are we having a tea party in court? Hm? The libs seem to think resoning (ha) with mental people (seriously, these dudes aren't far from it) is gonna work. Yeah, along with giving them lollipops. Seriously, why do they think these people even wanna talk to us? Hm? You dunno, do ya? CUZ NO ONE DOES!!!!
That's just it, no one, I repeat, no one can understand the libs. Maybe themselves, but even then, they're still afraid of the big bad monster named Limbaugh/ Beck who lives in their closet. (If you wanna see something that'll give you nightmares for a month, watch this. It probably won't scare you, but it could. :D)

I'm sorry, but, this isn't a good idea. If we know they're guilty, why put 'em on trial? It's like giving your kid a lollipop when he deserves a good spanking for biting his little sister (we'll name her Sally)

Well, then, that's enough ranting for a Saturday night. Until tomorrow, or probably next week...if I have time, so it could be a couple of weeks, maybe months...
Nah, I'll try and update this thang more.

So, uh, live long and vote Conservative!

Palin, love, and Crowder...
-Conservative Teen-

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Vets Day!!!


Unless you've been sick (I hope not) or just frightfully unobservant, you would know that today is Veterans Day. Hooray! A day to honor the beautiful men and women who have served our country, making it the secure place it is. If it were not for them, who knows how our country might be. Our president could be even more extremist...crazy thought, huh? I mean, for all we know, we could have Kim Jong as our prez. Scary thought, huh?

'Thanks to our men and women we are not an extremist country with leaders in military uniforms. That is a sign of dictatorship, and each day we creep scarily closer to that. That's gonna bring worse nightmares than horror movies, huh?

Seriously, I know Veterans Day may not mean much to libs...(I mean, all of sudden Obama's all "thank you *pause* men *pause* and women. Sorry *pause* about the pauses *pause*, my teleprompter *pause* was acting rather funny *pause." If ya catch my drift...) (Yes, I know he really didn't say that, I'm not that stupid."

So, take today to pray for our veterans and thank them for all our their services to our great country. Really, it is. The surface may not be looking so bright right now, but it will get better. Know that, cuz I do...I think. jk jk why do you think I watch funny vids all the time? Uh, cuz I hate being depressed...that's the truth. You watch the news, it's calling, "Shooting, killing, murder, hostage, war, racist, homophobe...etc..."


P.S. If you wanna read Obama's Vet Day speech here it be... Speech

Monday, November 9, 2009


Maybe it's just me, but I'm tired of seeing Sesame Street on my Google page. Especially after finding out about the Fox News jab...sweet libs, aren't they?


Friday, November 6, 2009


here's the Sesame Street vid...

Whaddya think?


Sesame Street?! Seriously...yeesh

Oh good grief!

“Sesame Street” producers are getting criticized for a parody that appears to take a stab at Fox News, and the ombudsman for the show says that the criticism is justified.

In a two-year old episode that was rebroadcast on October 29, the 40-year-old PBS children’s show features Oscar the Grouch making the decision to star his own news network, called the Grouch News Network, or GNN. The skit features CNN’s Anderson Cooper filling in for Oscar as he chats with “Walter Cranky” and “Dan Rather-Not,” parodies on Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather.

But when a muppet caller decides that the news is not grouchy enough, she says she is changing the channel to Pox News.

“I am changing the channel,” the irate muppet says. “From now on, I am watching ‘Pox’ News. Now there is a trashy news show.”

Immediately following the re-broadcast, viewers wrote in to both and PBS, complaining that the skit was a thinly-veiled jab at Fox and was hardly appropriate for “Sesame Street’s” extremely young audience. The fact that PBS is federally funded prompted viewers to express concern at the shows possible push of a political agenda.

Hours after the broadcast aired, received e-mails from readers insisting they heard “Fox” and not “Pox.”

A West Virginia viewer told that her "jaw dropped" when she heard the skit's "inappropriate" material.

"I want to let my son continue to watch the show," Melissa Elam said. "But at the same time I feel a call of action to stop it ... I'm going to be watching a lot more closely now.

The next day, a blogger for Breitbart’s Big Hollywood column slammed “Sesame Street” for its “clear” political message.

“I can’t even sit my kids in front of ‘Sesame Street’ without having to worry about the Left attempting to undermine my authority,” the blogger known as Stage Right wrote.

Sesame Workshop Vice President of Corporate Communications Ellen Lewis told that the show was merely a parody and would never mention Fox News directly.

And while the script sent from Sesame Workshop’s public relations’ team to read “Pox,” even the PBS ombudsman Michael Getler said he thought he heard “Fox” as well.

“Everybody who wrote to me heard this as ‘Fox News,’ and I can’t really blame them. When I went and watched the tape for the first time, I thought I heard “Fox” as well, perhaps because of the association one assumes when you hear “news” right after the word. However, when I watched and listened more carefully a second time, it was clear that the character said ‘Pox’ and not ‘Fox’ and the closed captioning that runs across the screen when the sound is muted also stated ‘Pox News.’”

Getler went on to criticize producers for allowing the segment to air.

“I don’t know what was in the head of the producers, but my guess is that this was one of those parodies that was too good to resist. But it should have been resisted. Broadcasters can tell parents whatever they think of Fox or any other network, but you shouldn’t do it through the kids.” (source)

I swear, nothing ever surprises me anymore. I half expected them to do this, and I don't know why. Maybe it's because liberals like to attack us at any and all costs. Never, ever underestimate them. Sesame Street? Talk about indoctrinating at a young age. I thought that's what public schools were for ;)

How dare they? True, this clip is two years ago, but still, it just goes to show what thes people have up their sleeves.

Do they not care that there are some libs/more liberal people on Fox? Bill O'Reilly is kinda in between, does that not suffice? Apparently not...

Wow, just wow, PBS is quite a conniving :)

Luv, Palin, and Crowder...

Celebrities how sad


here we blow...

Here are some celebs and their quotes about their views...

Kanye West (ew): What Kanye West regretted when Barack Obama became the Democratic party's presidential candidate: That his mother, Donda, hadn't lived to experience it.

"It's an incredible time to be around. I wish my momma could have seen this day," the 31-year-old rapper told a crowd gathered for his performance early Thursday morning. source

Perez Hilton (no surprise here, huh?:   The beauty queen's response to a question from openly gay pageant judge and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has received more attention than the winner, Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton.

Hilton, who also appeared on the "Today" show, said his question was relevant and that Prejean should have "left her politics and her religion out because Miss USA represents all Americans." source

Blake Lively: (I so did not know she was liberal) Penn Badgley and Blake Lively, have taken it to the next level — they've teamed up with to get kids to get their parents to vote. For Obama. "Mom, Dad? I found this in your room today," Penn (a.k.a. Dan) says, brandishing a "Drill, Baby, Drill" trucker's hat. The ad is actually kind of funny, stealing the patronizing language parents use to talk to their kids about drugs and alcohol. "And if you're ever out somewhere and you're considering voting for John McCain, just call me!" Blake (a.k.a. Serena) says. "I'll pick you up." source

Now, before anyone tells me I shouldn't be making a big deal out of these celebs exercising their "right to free speech," and what not, I only have a problem with them forcing their opinions on us.
Guess what? I don't really care that Kanye West's mom should of seen Barack get sworn in. Again, I don't care about Perez being gay and whatever with that. I've said it once, and I'll say it again, I do not approve/reccommend the gay lifestyle, but I cannot tell you how to live your life.
   If you go to the site in which I have posted these links to, you can find lists of celeb libs and republicans.

There is something that bothers me in the pit of my stomach about the Blake Lively thing...
I just have a big problem with kids trying to tell their parents what do. Is it just me?

Luv, Palin, and Crowder...

Ay yi yi yi ;0

Why has fame gone to celebs heads?
Have you heard about the U2 concert?

Berlin celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of its notorious wall last night with an emotionally tone-deaf decision to erect another one around a U2 pop concert dedicated to freedom.

True, there were no minefields or watchtowers, but the new temporary wall erected before the performance certainly sent the wrong signals.

Only 10,000 fans in possession of previously allocated free tickets were allowed to pass through the checkpoints — yes, checkpoints — to listen to the Irish band.

“It’s completely ridiculous that they are blocking the view,” said Louis-Pierre Boily, 23, a Canadian who failed to get tickets.

U2, in Berlin for the MTV European Music Awards, agreed to play in front of the Brandenburg Gate as part of the Wall festivities which culminate on November 9 — the day the East German regime allowed its citizens to pour across the frontier.

On Monday Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, President Sarkozy of France, President Medvedev of Russia and Gordon Brown will troop to the gate to mark the historic turning point.

By that time, U2 will have moved on and the background music will be provided by Bon Jovi.

The U2 event was seen by Germany as a deeply significant start to the festivities. The band’s poignant lyrics — I have run, I have crawled, I have scaled these city walls — were seen as full of political significance, speaking directly to the East-West German divide.

It is enough for a band to mention the word wall or freedom for it to be taken up by hundreds of thousands of German fans. The Germans take this so much to heart that even David Hasselhoff, the crooning star of Knight Rider and Baywatch, is still venerated for his song Looking for Freedom.

It was thus a bit of a blow to the zeitgeist when the 2m wall — no more than a metal safety barrier covered with tarpaulin — was run up. Fans of U2 who had once chanted “We are the people” in anti-regime demonstrations, said that they were being treated like second-class citizens.

“It is a big event,” said Frank Henkel, the parliamentary head in Berlin of the Christian Democrats. “It would be great if the organisers could avoid barriers of any kind.”

The climax of the Berlin Wall celebration will involve setting up over 1,000 Spiro foam dominoes around the German parliament building, the Reichstag.

They will trace the Berlin Wall through part of the centre of the city. At a signal from the Chancellor, Angela Merkel, they will be toppled. The organisers have promised the biggest firework display of recent times. source

Ay, yi, yi! What is wrong with these people? Are they really so special they have to put up a wall? No Berlin Wall, there baby...

One of my top least favorite people is Bono. Number one reason? He "dodged a hug" from President Bush. Obama even complimented him on it. Is he so stuck up, so special, and so opinionated he cannot even hug a Republican? Which I might add, a loose representation of Republican values.

Anyways, like I was saying, I don't really care for the group, as I do not like their music, (it's just not my style) and I don't like their treatment of people. I'm sorry but I don't enjoy listening to celebs spew their liberal opinions on other people. Excuse me for not enjoying it just me? I hope not!

If you want more rants about celebs see the next post...

Luv, Palin,and Crowder...


Monday, November 2, 2009

Palin + Beck= Stalin?! Oh, Give Me a Break...

Happy November, my fellow un-ding-dongish people!

So, tonight (or whatever time of day you're reading this) I'm a-gonna be talking about The New York Times' article on Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

Those people actually had the nerve to compare them to Stalin?! Why aren't they being attacked, and called racist?! If we dare to compare (ha, I'm such a poet) Obama to HItler, it's all, "You're a racist hatemonger!" And they do this and they just blow raspberries in our faces like everyone is 5 years old again. "Look at what I can get away with!" It's seriously like they're being the disobedient child, and we're the good child who gets blamed for everything while they're the ones making trouble. How can that even work? I mean, excuse me for not agreeing with Obama (because his views and twisted and misguided). But I'm not really in the mood to be called a racist, hatemonger, or whatever else gets hurled this way.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't enjoy seeing reporters bowing down at his feet chanting, "Obama! Obama!" cuz everytime they do, I start "mmm-ing." just for the fun of it.
Fox News, 1# I respect them, is they are "fair and balanced," something CNN and MSNBC cannot seem to grasp how to do.
I seriously am so tired of hearing Gibbs, Emanuel, Dunn, etc. avoiding the questions about why they're attacking Fox (besides the fact that it's "not a real news source") and talking about Mother Theresa and Mao Se Tung.

Anyways, I'm getting off topic again.
Bottom line here, Beck and Palin are no where near as manic as Stalin. He killed millions of people. Now, look around, who has Beck or Palin killed? The feminists like to attack Palin cuz she wouldn't kill her baby. (Abortion is murder, ladies, which ever way you look at it. You're tunnel vision is quite problematic)
So, why aren't they getting attacked? Well, you have the Kennedy's and Obama's (and other libs) who are all chanting abortion from the sidelines cheering it on.
'scuse me, don't you have kids? Would you have killed your children? Would you have killed the innocent little warm face that as it took its first breath in this new world brought you years of memories? Does the fact that it's a human mean nothing to you? Apparently, the Kennedy's have no problem with murder, Ted Kennedy was a show of true colors, wouldn't you agree?

I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, please, but does anyone realize that no one has said anything 'bout this story? I only found this out from my parents. I'm sure if someone called Anita Dunn or one of the Kennedy's or Heaven forbid, one of the Obama's a sadistic, masochistic leader, they would be like, attacked and maybe thrown in the dungeon...jk, I wouldn't expect them to that...or should I?

Bottom line, people enjoy targeting other people without looking at the people from their own parties. Do the libs even give half a wit about the crazies Obama's put into office? Or are they to busy pointing fingers at the GOP? (which I might add, I don't always agree with meself. There's times where I wanna start my own party. The Party of Conservative Patriots...or The Party of Cool People in Peacoats...though that could require everyone to buy a peacoat, they might objec to that...)

Nice rant, huh? :)

Sad news for Steven Crowder fans, no article this week! Aah! Which probably means no vid..darn! Thursday is Crowder Day for moi. Sad, yes, but true. here's the link to his twitter page
Though I have to admit, I'm proud of him for going overseas...that's more than Obama's doing...

Luv, Palin, and Crowder..

Friday, October 30, 2009


I just wanted to share this dude with you bcuz, well, he's just amazing. And, no not Steven...


One of my friends asked me who the picture was at the bottom of the blog, above my fishies.

It's just Steven Crowder as Nancy Pelosi. If that doesn't make you laugh, I don't know what will.
haha not really, I never expect you to laugh on here. Cuz I be not funny

Luv, Palin, and Crowder...

Bill Clinton...We are not worthy...We are not worthy...Bill Clinton...

Hey again...

Here it be...(yes, I can speak it higher grammar. obviously...)

The Bill Clinton First Home Museum will soon be a part of the National Park system, a designation that will give the modest structure on a busy street more visibility as a tourist destination.

The two-story, wood frame house on Hervey Street in Hope, Ark., was where Clinton lived from his birth in 1946 at Julia Chester Hospital until age 4. The home was occupied until it was acquired by the Clinton Birthplace Foundation during Clinton's presidency.

The dwelling, which opened as a museum in 1997, conveys a lived-in feeling and is furnished with items that date to the late 1940s when Clinton lived there. A separate visitors center with a gift shop was added later.

The South Hervey Street home served as the center of Clinton's family life for his first 10 years. After moving, Clinton spent summers there, visited on weekends and attended other family gatherings there until his grandfather, Eldridge Cassidy, died in 1956.

The one original piece of furniture from Clinton's time in the house is the living room couch. While visitors are not permitted to touch or sit on the furniture, the home has no glass partitions or roped-off areas, thus preserving the ambiance of a private home.

Museum director Martha Berryman says the people around Clinton provided him with his first notions of "social justice," a theme he carried through his political life and into his post-presidential work.

Displays include pictures of grandfather Eldridge Cassidy's store, where he served white and black customers, which was an uncommon practice in Hope in those days. Cassidy was known to extend credit during hard times, sometimes forgive debts or slip extra food into a family's order.

"This is not lost on a little child with wide eyes and big ears," Berryman said.

Berryman produced a recent find, a snapshot of Clinton as a boy standing in front of the house. The white paint on the house is peeling badly.

"He (Eldridge Cassidy) couldn't afford to paint his house, but he could afford to let families have free food," Berryman said.

Berryman says she regularly straightens out myths - including misperceptions that the family lived in poverty, that Clinton was born in the house, and that his father abandoned him. The future president's father, William Jefferson Blythe II, died in a traffic crash a few months before his son was born.

Berryman said visitors who come from around the world are moved by what they see, and have a sense they are someplace special.
"People want to stand on sacred ground," Berryman said.

Berryman said she expects the number of visitors to grow. The site will formally become part of the National Park Service in 2010, though it is already listed among other federal attractions.

A third of the museum's visitors come from outside the United States, Berryman said. Since the site opened, patrons from 159 countries have visited.

In 1946, the neighborhood was dense with family homes and shade trees. South Hervey Street has since been widened to four lanes and now feeds local traffic to Interstate 30. Across the street from the home is a small used car lot, with a tobacco store next to it. Right down the road is a closed grocery store at the site of what was an ornate Methodist Church.

But other elements are the same as 60 years ago. The house still vibrates when trains pass on the tracks nearby, sometimes rattling photographs free from display panels in the adjacent visitors center. Virginia's bedroom on sunny days is still bathed in light that streams in from the five large windows. The room was Virginia's as a teenager and was hers again when she was a young bride. A bassinet is to the left of the bed, where she cared for Bill as an infant.

The museum also shows how quickly Clinton lost some of his connections to his youth and family life after he entered the White House. His mother died just after the Clintons' first Christmas in Washington. Hillary Clinton's father died in 1994 in Little Rock, where he and his wife had moved to be closer to the Clintons.

Vince Foster, a childhood playmate who lived next door and shared a yard with the Clintons on South Hervey Street, had followed Clinton to Washington to serve as deputy White House counsel. Foster committed suicide in 1993; he had suffered from depression.

Among the photos in the visitors center is one of Clinton with his uncle, Henry "Buddy" Grisham. The two were quite close, partly because they knew each other too well for the presidency to affect their relationship, Berryman said.

"Mr. Grisham never was really impressed," Berryman said, adding that Clinton would slip into Hope unannounced while in office to spend afternoons with Grisham.
Grisham died in 1997, and Clinton gave the eulogy at his funeral in Hope.

The museum also owns the home where Clinton's stepfather Roger Clinton lived with Virginia, Bill and his brother, Roger. That house isn't open for visitors, but an exhibit can be seen through the front window at 321 E. 13th St. The family moved to Hot Springs when Bill Clinton was 7 years old.

Clinton said in his autobiography, "My Life," that the South Hervey Street home "certainly is the place I associate with awakening to life" and that it "still holds deep memories."

Alright, now before I rant, let me just say I have nothing against presidential dudes having their memorials. So, with that said...
SACRED GROUND??!!!!! What the heck?
Bill Clinton's previous home is "sacred ground?" Oh, give me a break! Sure, I'm not a liberal but I find it kinda 'tarded for people to be ooh-ing and aww-ing over his home.
"Bill Clinton, like, totally, lived here. OMG!"

Do people not care he had an affair and tried earnestly to ruin our country?
Oh, never mind that, he's a legend. Apparently...

Ugh, this sorta thing bugs me. Kinda like when people idolize liberal idiot celebs like Brad Pitt. That one bugs me. They've been trying to get him to run for mayor in New Orleans. Ooh, sounds fun...huh? No way.

I know I should be talking about H1N1, or health care or Obama's radical (not in a good way) people, but that's what everyone's talking about. I'm tired of normal depressing stuff... :)
 I acknowledge and hate that the news is depressing. Seriously, you watch Glenn Beck enough...phew, you'll be running to your doctor. I enjoy watching him, but I miss when he was really funny. Now I feel like I'm rubbing Joy on my wrists after every episode. (Essential oils, long story)
I hope I didn't kill too many of your brain cells...

Love, Palin, and Crowder...

Bahaha this hardly is news but haha

Hi again,
I'm sure you're wondering why I haven't updated this, it's been like 10 days. Too long...

Anyways, this morning (it's morning as I write this) I'm going to write about um, this


AMERICAN FORK, Utah — A rap by four teenagers at a McDonald's has gotten them a bad rap in one Utah city.

The teens were cited by American Fork police earlier this week for disorderly conduct after they rapped their order at a McDonald's drive-through.

The teens said they were imitating a popular video on YouTube. They rapped their order, which begins with, "I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce ..." once quickly before repeating it more slowly.

Spenser Dauwalder said employees at the restaurant told him and his friends they were holding up the line and needed to order or leave.

The 18-year-old said nobody was in line. He and his three 17-year-old friends left without buying anything.

American Fork Police Sgt. Gregg Ludlow says a manager wrote down the car's license plate number and called police. The teens were later cited by officers at a high school parking lot outside a volleyball match.

"We thought, you know, just teenagers out having fun," Dauwalder told KSL Newsradio. "We didn't think it would escalate to that."

Disorderly conduct citations are issued when someone does something to cause annoyance or alarm, Ludlow said. The citation is an infraction similar to a speeding ticket, Ludlow said.

"It was not just that they were rapping, they continued to hold things up," Ludlow said.

Ludlow said the teens were asked several times to speak plainly and that ultimately the manager came outside.

The owner-operator of the American Fork McDonald's said in a statement that the issue was about employees' safety.

"The employee in question felt that her safety was at risk as a result of the alleged actions of these individuals in the drive-thru, not as a result of them rapping their order," franchisee Conny Kramer said in the statement. "As such, she contacted the local authorities."

But Sharon Dauwalder, Spenser's mother, said they will fight it nonetheless.

"We have to," she told The Associated Press on Thursday. "The citation is there."

Bahaha, I'm sorry but I find this hilarious. This hardly classifies as rant material, but haha, I can't keep a straight face reading this. Now, in my opinion, correct me if I'm wrong, this would classify as ding-dong-ish boys. Wooden spoons...anyone? :)

The video they were referencing is below, I thought you might like to see it...

I'll post a more interesting post in a few minutes, give or take, I hope.

Love, Palin, and Crowder...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heavy Stuff, Sorry

I'm not gonna waste time tonight on being all fun and whatever. We bloggers have a serious problem on our hands. Obama wants to have the power to shut down the internet for "emergencies." What emergencies you ask? Oh, say he em, invites all the terrorists over for a tea party, all right, scratch that, I'm trying to be serious here. Okay, seriously, if Obama makes it Obama Worship Week, and we bloggers wanna write about how there is no way in heck we will ever worship him, he can shut off the internet totally. Like when you try and get on your e-mails and it won't load.

Sounding like China much?

We cannot, I repeat, not let this happen. This would bring us just that much closer to the Republic of Obama.
No, no, no, this is not good for anyone. Oh, sure the libs love it, but say, George BUsh did this, uh, "Impeach Bush" would be spewing from the mouths of ding-dongish celebs like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Speaking of which, the idiot finally figured out that volunteering was "working for free." Gee, what'd you think you were doing coloring pictures? Someone's brains aren't fully installed...if ya know what I mean.

Sorry for the heated post, I just need that occasionally. :)
Tomorrow's will be funner (or whenever I post)

Palin, Love, and Crowder...

Two quick things from me

Hey people:
Two things to quickly say (neither are news related)

1. I changed my background. Okay, exciting

2. I'm at 10 followers! Thank ya, thank ya very much. (sorry my hair's not as cool as his)

Palin, Love, and Crowder...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Why, Why, Why?! Anger Management Issues, much? :)


A video featuring a Kansas legislator criticizing President Barack Obama's policies while wearing a hat describing opossum as "the other dark meat" was removed Thursday from YouTube, where the lawmaker had posted it last month.

Republican Rep. Bill Otto said he didn't remove the video, titled "RedNeck Rap," and didn't know why it had been taken down. Google Inc., YouTube's owner, could offer no explanation.

Otto said criticism of the video was unfounded. He said the hat's saying, which he repeats at the end of the short video, refers to redneck stereotypes, not Obama.

The White House declined to comment Thursday, but Kansas Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, a Topeka Democrat, called the video "disturbing." He said it's logical to see the reference as being to the first black president's race.

In the video, Otto pauses after criticizing Obama and his policies, repeats the saying on the cap and adds, "A little greasy, but hey."

"It's a reference to rednecks," Otto said during a telephone interview from his home in LeRoy, a small town about 75 miles south of Topeka. "It's like 'The Beverly Hillbillies,' eating opossum bellies, grits and pigs' feet."

The flap comes less than two months after U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins, another Kansas Republican, remarked in a public forum that the GOP was still looking for "a great white hope." She later said she wasn't referring to Obama and didn't know of the phrase's past link to pre-civil-rights era racism.

Attempts by AP to access Otto's video Thursday night resulted in a message stating that it had been "removed by the user." Google spokesman Scott Rubin said if a video is removed for violating YouTube's standards, a message would say so.

"With 20 hours of video uploaded every minute to YouTube, we cannot comment on individual videos," he said in an e-mail message.

Meanwhile, Hensley accused Otto of "bigotry."

"If opossum is the other dark meat, what is the original dark meat he is referring to?" Hensley said. "It is not only thoughtless, but outrageous."

Otto replied: "I don't know where he's getting that."

Hensley, though, pointed to an incident he said happened earlier this year involving Patrick Woods, legislative liaison for the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services.

Woods said he encountered Otto in March while walking between the Statehouse and an office building, and Otto said he'd confused Woods with Rod Bremby, the state's secretary of health and environment. Woods said Otto told him, "I almost shot you. You look at lot like Secretary Bremby."

Both Woods and Bremby are black, but Bremby is decades older and has a beard, while Woods does not. Woods said he took the remark as "a terribly inappropriate joke," not a threat.

But Otto said the suggestion that he made such a remark is "totally bunk." He said any encounter with Woods occurred perhaps several years earlier and he only suggested Bremby ought to be fired over how his agency regulated day care centers. Otto said he confused

Woods with Bremby only from a distance and only because he didn't know Woods well.

Hensley also noted Otto sponsored an unsuccessful amendment to the state budget this year to withhold funding for the state advisory commissions on disabilities, African-American Affairs and Hispanic and Latino American Affairs.

Otto called it a cost-saving move amid the state's financial problems, but acknowledged Thursday that he believes it's "racist" for the state to have special commissions for some groups and not others.

"We haven't had an Irish-American council or an Asian-American council," he said.

Typical, typical liberals. They take everything as racist. How many times have liberals made videos or made fun of conservatives? Why aren't they called racist? Hmm...  

How many times did he say, "it's about rednecks?" I dunno, I stopped counting after the first 2 times.

Ya know, libs are incredible, seriously! They must have nothing better to do than call people racists. Hey, I think I've found another Czar for Obama to appoint: The Race Czar. Cool, huh? not a chance

How many Czars do we have? Oh, like 100, hey, I'm not too far off, am I? *winks*

Ol' Kathleen Sebelius from Kansas can say what she wants, can't she? You don't believe me?
Anyways, she kicked our her, wait for it, gay son...oh, who's the homophobe now? Oh, no I didn't!  If you didn't know that, you do...

 Oh, idk, why are we always getting shot at with different names and stuff. We're all bigots, racists, homophobes (right, we're scared of homosexuals, not because it's against our beliefs or anything) and whatever else.

While we're on the subject of liberals... what up with the health care?! How many times does it take for me to say, Glenn Beck to say, Rush Limbaugh to say, Steven Crowder to say, it will be bad for our country! Canada is trying to bail itself out and we're jumping in. Why?! This isn't going to help anyone, seriously! The libs are all like, "Oh, well, we know this will benefit the country." Benefit the country, seriously? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!

Alright, well I'm done ranting... :-)

Love, Palin, and Crowder,