Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heavy Stuff, Sorry

I'm not gonna waste time tonight on being all fun and whatever. We bloggers have a serious problem on our hands. Obama wants to have the power to shut down the internet for "emergencies." What emergencies you ask? Oh, say he em, invites all the terrorists over for a tea party, all right, scratch that, I'm trying to be serious here. Okay, seriously, if Obama makes it Obama Worship Week, and we bloggers wanna write about how there is no way in heck we will ever worship him, he can shut off the internet totally. Like when you try and get on your e-mails and it won't load.

Sounding like China much?

We cannot, I repeat, not let this happen. This would bring us just that much closer to the Republic of Obama.
No, no, no, this is not good for anyone. Oh, sure the libs love it, but say, George BUsh did this, uh, "Impeach Bush" would be spewing from the mouths of ding-dongish celebs like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Speaking of which, the idiot finally figured out that volunteering was "working for free." Gee, what'd you think you were doing coloring pictures? Someone's brains aren't fully installed...if ya know what I mean.

Sorry for the heated post, I just need that occasionally. :)
Tomorrow's will be funner (or whenever I post)

Palin, Love, and Crowder...

Two quick things from me

Hey people:
Two things to quickly say (neither are news related)

1. I changed my background. Okay, exciting

2. I'm at 10 followers! Thank ya, thank ya very much. (sorry my hair's not as cool as his)

Palin, Love, and Crowder...