Saturday, September 5, 2009

No Patriotic Music...oh, lovely

did you hear about this

So long, John Philip Sousa. Hello, Kenny G.

That was the short-lived message House leadership sent to lawmakers over the break, as the "on-hold" music that so many constituents hear when they call their congressman was switched from patriotic tunes to smooth jazz standards -- or, as one lawmaker complained, "elevator music."

The switch was quickly reversed, though, following complaints and controversy.

A spokesman for House Chief Administrative Officer Daniel Beard, who reports to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said Tuesday that after a three-week trial period constituents will once again hear patriotic favorites while on hold.

"The music was changed during recess as a pilot program in an attempt to offer offices a choice of hold music," said CAO spokesman Jeff Ventura. "But based on the feedback we received, the old music was preferred and we reactivated it today."

Some of that feedback came from Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., who wrote a blistering letter to Beard on Friday.
"We should proudly embrace our nation's patriotic songs, not callously shun them for elevator music," Upton fumed.
"Believe me, I was not at all happy with how this matter was handled," he wrote, complaining that lawmakers were not told in advance that the patriotic songs would be replaced by smooth jazz.

Upton said during the "pilot program," congressional offices could either choose "elevator music" or no music at all, even though they had used patriotic music for years.

"Certainly we would prefer not to put those who contact our offices on hold; however with the high volume of calls we receive it is sometimes necessary," he added. "Callers routinely express their delight in listening to a few notes of Americana while briefly waiting for their call to go through." {source}

Why they would even think of this idea is beyond my comprehension.
If our lawmakers are obviously Americans, (no, duh) why the heck would they be trying to replace patriotic songs? We are the United States of America, not Russia. We want patriotic songs. Kenny G's a great muscian, but John Phillip Sousa's written a few more important pieces (ok, huge understatement but whatever).

Obama's working overtime to mess up our country, and his approval rating's going down the toilet, and 5 bucks says this isn't going to help us remember his administration in a positive way.

We are America, we will have patriotic songs when we are trying to reach our congressman. And if they try and change this again or anything more major than this, well, it's time to "Give 'em hell, Harry." (Not that I like Harry, he was a jerk to republicans *blows raspberry*.

Thank God they changed it back! sorry, just wanted to yell that. :)

Ya know, I was thinking, if they didn't want us to have patriotic songs on our phones, what will they try to change our pledge of alligence to...
"I pledge alligence to the flag of the sort of United States of America
And to the republic who wishes they understood what happened to their country
One nation under Allah, indivisible for no more liberty and no more justice for all."
What do you think? Let me know.

Love, Palin, and Crowder...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Edward Kennedy is Dead...oh, I thought We Were Mourning...Oh Never Mind

sorry I haven't updated my blog in such a long time. School's just been crazy!

Anyways, as you might have noticed Edward Kennedy has died. Now, unless you've been hiding in some cave, (and if you have, tell me a good one) you've been subject to hours upon hours of mourning. Seriously, at first, until I read the bottom scroll, I thought we were mourning Obama or something.
I'm sorry he's dead, don't get me wrong, I'm not like, "yay he died." Uh, no. But I don't really care for the Kennedy family. Between their politics and staying power. Uh, not really a big fan.
Well, I've been thinking, while the media weeps for him, how about I bring up the issues they may have, *cough on purposely* accidentally skipped over.

Here I go...

1) He killed a woman. In real life, if my neighbor accidentally drove off a bridge with a woman in the car and then fled the scene afterwards, he would be sentenced to jail. Well, with the Kennedy's they are exempt from everything. I mean, with a name like Kennedy they better be perfect. :)

2) He was a major advocate for Universal Health Care which I'm 150% against. That could possibly be one of the worst things for our country.

3) He was in the senate for 46 years. That's waaaaayyyyy too long. Let's see, he was elected in 1962 and Obama was born 1961. Hmm...

4) The dude had a brain tumor. If I was on the senate and had a tumor, I'd be running out of there faster than Road Runner Bird. Instead, he spent his last days working on politics. Me, I'd be spending time with my family and doing things that I hadn't ever done. Nope, not him.

5) Found this on wikipedia:
Senator Kennedy’s political positions are reflected in his advocacy for minority groups regarding racial justice; women’s reproductive rights; gender equality; age discrimination; immigration; gay rights; and civil rights. Ya know what, I don't really care about gender equality and age discrimination. Sorry, but I think there's more important things to care about.

So, there you have it, my opinion on Edward Kennedy's death.

Love, Palin, and Crowder...
-CT-P.S. No offense, anyways.