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AMA Music Awards...No worries, this article IS kid friendly. Ha, Take That Lambert

Well, you've probably heard about good ol' Adam Lambert... *cough* pervert *cough*.
This is kinda a raunchy topic so just an fyi, I've edited the article bit. But I'm still telling you where it came from and all that stuff. Like the little said, it's kid friendly. Ya might find it interesting, I s'pose.

Adam Lambert admits he got carried away with his sexually charged American Music Awards performance, but he's offering no apology.

The glam rocker from "American Idol" said on "The Early Show" that his performance would not have caused as much controversy if he weren't openly gay. He also said there were other "adult" moments on the show that caused no outrage.

"I admit I did get carried away, but I don't see anything wrong with it," he said Wednesday. "I do see how people got offended and that was not my intention. My intention was to interpret the lyrics of my song and have a good time with it."

ABC received many complaints about the performance and that network's morning show, "Good Morning America," canceled Lambert's scheduled appearance on Wednesday because it said it couldn't trust what he would do.

"The Early Show" on CBS, perennially third in a three-network morning show race, happily gave him a platform -- interviewing him and asking him to sing.

Lambert admitted he didn't rehearse some of the more risque elements of his award show performance -- a point that particularly upset ABC, which said it was taken by surprise by what he did. In the future, he said he'd try to get these issues cleared before the show.

But he noted that Lady Gaga smashed whiskey bottles during her performance, Eminem rapped about rape and Janet Jackson briefly groped a male dancer.
"Janet Jackson, crotch grab," he said. "I haven't heard one peep about that."

He said that "if it had been a female pop performer doing (his) moves that were on the stage, I don't think there would be nearly as much of an outrage."
"I think it's because I'm a gay male," he added.

Offered a chance to apologize, he declined. He said he didn't consider that there may have been children watching because his American Music Awards performance came at nearly 11 p.m., and that it's a parent's job to monitor what their children are watching on TV.

"I'm not a baby sitter," he said. "I'm a performer."

Asked what he'd do differently if he had the chance, Lambert said, "I would sing it a little bit better."
"I guess I have a tendency to divide people," he added. "Apples and oranges -- you either like it or you don't."

Lambert was scheduled to perform two songs later in the morning broadcast. "For Your Entertainment" wasn't one of them.
"Parents, this is appropriate, I promise," he said at the end of the interview.

"For Your Entertainment" is the first single from Lambert's new album, which went on sale Monday. source

Well, let me just start off with...jerk!!!!!
There is no excuse for behavior this explicit. I don't even 1/2 care you're gay, alright?! You're under attack because no one should do that! Yeah, forget all that, "it's okay to be gay" crud. That was beyond revolting. I wouldn't care if Lady Gaga did that, I'd still be ranting about that. You had no right in the world to do that.
And ABC can say it wasn't planned, but something tells me they could be lying... I mean, they sound kinda guilty to me.
I am, seriously, not a homophobe by any means. I do not fear you so don't take it as that. The chances of someone actually being homophobic are most likely pretty minimal. Now you do have more people with these crazy things called...morals. Wow, bet Adam's never heard of those. With him it's all "forget what's right all the time." I mean, he has no limitations. If we tried to tell, like we have been, that it's inappropriate behavior, look at what he fires back with. Again, WHAT WITH THE HOMOPHOBIA THING!!!!!!??
It's ridiculous, seriously.
I am so glad he didn't go on GMA, he didn't deserve the right to be on television in my mind. Now CBS, the little kiss-ups, has him on. Why am I not surprised?

This is going to sound really mean, but sorry, I really hope his cd fails. I do. I think we should boycott him. No, not because he's gay, but because of his responses to the event and the event itself. Like I think we should boycott Kanye West, Eminem, Miley Cyrus....etc. It's not so much them, it's their actions, and what they say. If they'd behave and shut their pieholes we wouldn't be forced to boycott so much stuff. Like Gossip Girl, or 90210, those are revolting shows with no morals that I just stay away from. How does their sex lives change mine? Same goes for Adam Lambert.

Why do celebs (i.e. Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Ellen Degeneres, Pete Wentz) think we need to know if they're bi-sexual or gay? How does it change our lives? They might lose some fan base, ("homophobes") but really not that much. It changes the celebs lives. Jolie has said she's regretted coming out with the truth, and she should. People now-a-days seem to trust too much. Why do we have rape cases coming out all the time? Too much trust in the wrong people. Anyways, the celebs seem to think the public wants to know about their sexuality, sex lives, who's sexy, how awesome they are, their favorite color...etc.

Part of the reason I hate, literally hate hollywood is the celebs. They're too open, skanky, and full of themselves. The most refreshing celebs at this point are Taylor Lautner and Rob Pattinson. Yes, I know they're from Twilight but stay with me here. Watch interviews of them. Taylor comes across as mature yet he doesn't have a big head. I mean, he dated Selena Gomez, I wouldn't put that on his list of accomplishments. No offense of course. :) Rob, is this goofy, 23 year old dude who can barely dress himself. He is not very well put together, and that's nice to see. Most celebs chalk on the make-up, dress shirts, and slicked back hair. Rob, on the other hand, dresses like a hobo. (My friend thinks he looks like he's been having one too many hangovers :D)

 Celebs, though they like to forget it, are human. So why people look up to them annoys the heck out of me. Stop screaming at 'em. You're only encouraging big heads. Why do you think Brad Pitt still thinks he's a sex symbol? He's had girls screaming at him since like, ever. BTW, dude, that beard is not doing ya any favors.

Back to Adam, it is ridiculous that he has not apologized. He should. Most of his fan base, correct me if I'm wrong, was teens, wasn't it?(Truthfully, I liked Kris Allen better. Ooh, I'm such a rebel) So, is he just leaving that nice stuff behind him and moving on? Apparently, yes, he is.

He's gonna regret all this someday, mark my words, he will. He seriously cannot feel proud about the way he behaved up their on stage. I really think this is gonna leave a mark on his career. He'll forever be Pervert Boy. Sorry, the truth hurts, doesn't it, Adam?

Ay yi yi, what has television and people for that matter come to? Adam has this semi-compulsive need to flaunt his gay-ness. (yeah, i kinda sorta just made that word up.)

This is not normal, but I'd be keeping an eye out for this to happen again. Hey, he's gonna be a repeat offender, I just know it.

Ah, well, tanks for reading (yes I mean tanks)


P.S. You know its bad when he cakes on more make-up than I do...and I'm a teenage girl! Crazy, much?

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