Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" is Better Than the First Two! Oh My Vampires!

So, today I went to see "Eclipse." Say what you want, I loved it. People called it the best Twilight movie yet and I have to say, I agree 150%.
Maybe you have problems with the series, or maybe you're just not a fan of the "poorly-written" novels or the less-than-perfect acting. And I'm fine if you disagree, but just hear me out.
The movie just looked better. Sure, the acting still sucks, but it's better than it was, lemme say. Kristen Stewart plays Bella, a whiny-do-nothing who is torn between Jacob--a shape-shifting werewolf--and Edward--a tortured vampire--and constantly whips back and forth between the two. "Eclipse" was--and is--my favorite book, and now my favorite movie, however, in both Bella annoys the HECK out of me. I'm not ripping the books or movie, but her whimpy attitude was enough to make me gag. It's all "Oh, Jacob!" or "Oh, Edward!" And she proceeds to kiss both of them, just to make sure she's making the right choice by choosing Edward.
Robert Pattinson, that British dude who is everywhere, plays Edward Cullen--the tortued vamp I mentioned--has a much better hairstyle than the last two. And his eyebrows looked better. :)
Taylor Lautner--the shirtless werewolf--is probably the best actor out of the bunch. He doesn't make silly faces or brood into the distance. Believe me, I'm Team Edward, but Jacob's a little less goofy.
The rest of the cast looked amazing and really helped patch up the holes made by KStew's acting, or lack of. Very impressed...
GO SEE IT! And then comment your thoughts...:D