Thursday, December 31, 2009

Conservative Teen Awards Part 2

Here's Part 2!

Best Steven Crowder Vid:
The winner...Obama's Halloween (Featuring Carl and Cindy)

Best Covers:
The winner...Mreebee3's YouTube Channel

Best Video from Mreebee3:
The winner...Stacks by Bon Iver

Best Trailer:
The winner... New Moon

Best New Moon Trailer Spoof:
The winner... EvilIguana's

Best LOL Moment:
The winner...Nigahiga's ChildrensBop

Best Piano Covers:
The winner...Yoonha85TV

Best Taylor Lautner skit on SNL:
The winner...Team Jacob vs. Team Edward

So, there you have the awards. Hope you enjoyed them and maybe gave you a laugh...or not

More posting come next year!
-Conservative Teen

Conservative Teen Awards Part 1

As you know, today is December 31st, 2009. The very last day of this year. And, hasn't it been one heck of a year? Yep.

So, every website is doing a top 10 or 50 list of the year, but I'm changing it up a bit.
So, welcome to the Conservative Teen Awards!

Our first category is:
Biggest Blunder
The winner... Electing Obama into office!

2. Worst "what the heck?" moment:
The winner... Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift's speech.

3. Best "She did what?" moment:
The winner... Rihanna tattooing a gun on her person after Chris Brown attacked her

4. Best Scariest moment on TV:
The winner... Adam Lambert's AMA performance (Thank God I never watched it)

5. Weirdest Closet:
The winner... Lady Gaga (hands down!)

6. Most Overplayed Song on the Radio:
The winner... I Got a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas

7. Next Spears Wanna-be
The winner... Ke$ha

8. Worst Movie:
The winner... Paul Blart: Mall Cop

9. Best Movie:
The winner... Star Trek

10. Best Lead Male Actor:
The winner... Chris Pine in Star Trek

11. Best Supporting Male Actor:
The winner... Zachary Quinto in Star Trek

12. Best Lead Female Actor:
The winner...Dakota Fanning in Push

13. Best Supporting Female Actor:
The winner...Camille Belle in Push

14. Best Soundtrack:
The winner...New Moon

15. Most Over-Photographed:
The winner...The Twilight Saga Cast

16. Biggest Head(s)
The winners... Heidi and Spencer Pratt

17. Biggest Shoulda-been-a-scandal:
The winner...Anita Dunn's Mao Se Tsung

18. Best New Tv Show:
The winner...White Collar (Sorry Vampire Diaries, if you hadn't deviated so much from the books...but I like the two dudes you casted as the Salvatore bros.)

19. Best New Face:
The winner...Matt Bomer (Paul Westly {Stefan Salvatore, Vampire Diaries} almost won)

20. Dumbest Move by a Disney Star:
The winner...Miley Cyrus and her tattoo.

21. Best move by Miley Cyrus:
The winner...Dropping Twitter

22. Saddest Moment of my life:
The winner...Actually laughing at an episode of Hannah Montana

23. Best "Okay He's Dead Let's Move On:"
The winner...Michael Jakson (He's dead, let's get on with it already)

24. Dumbest Over-hyped Movie:
The winner...It's Complicated

25. Best Feel Good Funny Movie:
The winner...17 Again

26. Saddest Movie I Ever Wasted My Time Watching:
The winner...The Hannah Montana Movie

27. Nice Cameo...
The winner...The Jonas Bros. in Night at the Museum 2

28. Another Failed Attempt at a Harry Potter movie...
The winner...Half-Blood Prince (obviously)

29. Michael Moore Failed Again... (I don't even need to elaborate)

30. Flo Rida Song I Could Live Without...
The winner...Right Round

31. Britney Spears Song That is So Overplayed It Gives Me a Headache:
The winner... If U Seek Amy

32. Best CD of the Year:
The winner...Ocean Eyes by Owl City

33. Best Song Off the CD of the Year:
The winner...Bird and the Worm

34. Song That Best Fits the Tea Parties:
The winner...Uprising by Muse

35. Craziest Lyrics:
The Winner... One Time by Justin Bieber

36. Gangsta Wannabe:
The winner...Justin Bieber

37. Most Disgusting Band:
The winner...3oh!3

38. "Perverted Much?"
The winner...Don't Trust Me by 3oh!3

39. Awesome New-ish Group:
The winner...Miike Snow (Yes, the two i's are there for a reason)

40. The Band That Never Disappoints Me:
The winner...All American Rejects

41. Best New Song I Wrote:
The winner..."You're a Mean One, Mr. Reid." (If you want the lyrics, comment below and I'll put them in another post)

42. Moment That Made Me Laugh:
The winner...When Juan Williams (Fox News) started crying when Obama was sworn in. (Ay, yi yi!)

43. Moment That Made Me Roll My Eyes:
The winner...When the lead girl in the Princess and The Frog started crying during an interview because they were finally breaking the stereotype of white, blonde princesses. (What's with all the racial crying?)

44. Dumbest Idea:
The winner...Health Care Bills

45. If Awesome Had a Name, It Would Be:
The winner...Steven Crowder

46. Best Fox News Host:
The winner...Glenn Beck

47. Stupidest Mistake by the Obama Admin.:
The winner...Attacking Fox News (that was just...dumb)

48. Two-Faced, Much?:
The winner...The Obama's dog, Bo. (He was supposed to be from a shelter.)

49. Best Tweets:
The winner...Jordan Crowder

50. Best YouTube Channel:
The winner...Steven Crowder

51. Best Saturday Night Live Hosting:
The winner...Taylor Lautner

52. Worst Marriage Collapsation (Yes, I made up that word)
The winner...Jon and Kate

53. "We'll See How Long That Marriage Lasts..."
The winners...Kevin and Danielle Jonas

54. "Aw, They Were Kinda Cute Together..."
The winners...Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner

55. "Do You Think They're Dating?"
The winners...Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

56. Worst Single Released: (Well, one of many)
The winner...Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

57. "Whoop, There Went His Career..."
The winner...Tiger Woods (with Christian Bale trailing by a teensy bit)

58. One of my Favorite websites:
The winner...

This concludes part 1...