Monday, December 21, 2009

Recaps of the news/ celebs etc.

Sorry for not writing like all month, but I am finally on CHRISTmas break. It's 'bout time, seriously.

So, what's been going on in politics?
Let's see..
The libs have been vehement in making sure the health care gets passed with the lie of public option in there

Nebraska is exempt from the rules of the bill

Abortion is still in there (whether they admit it or not)

Obama almost didn't put up a nativity scene (wow, he really is determined to not make this a Christian nation, isn't he?)

Anita Dunn has resigned (seriously lady, if you had even a pea-sized noggin you wouldn't be goin' around talking about Tsung your hero, or how you manipulated the media during the campaign. Even John Edwards isn't that dumb. Or maybe not...)

Van Jones has resigned (Thanks to the ever-awesome Glenn Beck on both of those)

Obama's NOT taking the troops of Iraq. (He sure keeps his promises, doesn't he?)

Tiger Woods keeps digging a deeper hole for himself (Yeah, it's not really news, but people seem to treat it as if it is)

Brittney Murphy suddenly died (I bet it's drugs, don't you? She's had like five hubbies. Crazy...seriously)

Carrie Underwood got engaged (dude, congrats)

So that should purty much recap what I should have been blogging about this month.

P.S. Steven Crowder's new video will be up on 12-21-09 around 7:00-ish (central time)