Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I need to rant bahaha

You know what really bugs me, (besides O'l Obama ducking out of questions with no criticism) judgment.

People judge things without really looking into it. Need some examples, oh, baby, I got 'em.

1. Sarah Palin.

Libs judge the heck out of this poor woman for no reason. Actually, wait, they judge her because she's perfect!! They can't try and judge Hilary Clinton, that lady's so messed up, it's just not even worth it. I have a lot of hope for Sarah, and I think she's going places. Sure, they attack her but I secretly think they like her. Yep.

2. Harry Potter. People judge this one without looking into this one either. Everyone's all "Oh, it's magic! Oh, no! Save me! Aaaah!" People: calm down! Sure, it's magic, ooh scary. The fact that they're wizards is almost just a side part. It's more about the characters growing up. It's not like they're worshiping the devil. Please, it's good vs. evil and good wins. I'm not talking about Philip Pullman, here, okay? It's also the maturity of the kid in question. If you think they're going to start mimicking the books, like doing spells and getting into witchcraft, all right, fine, don't let 'em read them. But don't force your opinion on me. I've already read all the books, and seen the movies, and I love them. JK Rowling is a great author, and I hope she writes some other series too.

3. Twilight. Ooh, babe! People, legalistic people especially, like to name this, "a cult" or label it as the devil's books. I hardly see it that way. These are NOT the stereotypical vampires you've heard of it. They live among people, don't drink their blood, and have a loving family atmosphere. Sounds cheesy? Well, it's not. The way Stephenie Meyer develops it makes it almost believable, and that takes a talented author to do that. Yeah, sure it's a romance, but it's not pornographic. Some people call it "emotional porn," and I laugh. Hardly. Yeah, some girls go gaga over Edward and get a little obsessive, but that's not everyone. There are more calm fans, like me, who love the series, think Edward's a fly guy, but know he's fake. And I can comprehend there's no guy as perfect as Edward. But a girl can dream, can't she? :) People need to stop making judgments about it and read the books. Yeah, it's a vampire book, but it's not disgusting, it's not weird, and it's enjoyable. If people would give it a chance, without a tainted opinion, it might not get such a bad rep. It's a good series, so STOP JUDGING it, a'right? good. :)

I know this barely relates to politics, but I've read a few articles of people discussing the Twilight series, making it out to be a devil's cult. I don't see it that way, and maybe it's just me, I don't think so though. :)
A break from politics is always nice, oui? I thought so...

Well, enjoy this cold weather and laugh at Al Gore's global warming theories...


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