Friday, October 16, 2009

Why, Why, Why?! Anger Management Issues, much? :)


A video featuring a Kansas legislator criticizing President Barack Obama's policies while wearing a hat describing opossum as "the other dark meat" was removed Thursday from YouTube, where the lawmaker had posted it last month.

Republican Rep. Bill Otto said he didn't remove the video, titled "RedNeck Rap," and didn't know why it had been taken down. Google Inc., YouTube's owner, could offer no explanation.

Otto said criticism of the video was unfounded. He said the hat's saying, which he repeats at the end of the short video, refers to redneck stereotypes, not Obama.

The White House declined to comment Thursday, but Kansas Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, a Topeka Democrat, called the video "disturbing." He said it's logical to see the reference as being to the first black president's race.

In the video, Otto pauses after criticizing Obama and his policies, repeats the saying on the cap and adds, "A little greasy, but hey."

"It's a reference to rednecks," Otto said during a telephone interview from his home in LeRoy, a small town about 75 miles south of Topeka. "It's like 'The Beverly Hillbillies,' eating opossum bellies, grits and pigs' feet."

The flap comes less than two months after U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins, another Kansas Republican, remarked in a public forum that the GOP was still looking for "a great white hope." She later said she wasn't referring to Obama and didn't know of the phrase's past link to pre-civil-rights era racism.

Attempts by AP to access Otto's video Thursday night resulted in a message stating that it had been "removed by the user." Google spokesman Scott Rubin said if a video is removed for violating YouTube's standards, a message would say so.

"With 20 hours of video uploaded every minute to YouTube, we cannot comment on individual videos," he said in an e-mail message.

Meanwhile, Hensley accused Otto of "bigotry."

"If opossum is the other dark meat, what is the original dark meat he is referring to?" Hensley said. "It is not only thoughtless, but outrageous."

Otto replied: "I don't know where he's getting that."

Hensley, though, pointed to an incident he said happened earlier this year involving Patrick Woods, legislative liaison for the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services.

Woods said he encountered Otto in March while walking between the Statehouse and an office building, and Otto said he'd confused Woods with Rod Bremby, the state's secretary of health and environment. Woods said Otto told him, "I almost shot you. You look at lot like Secretary Bremby."

Both Woods and Bremby are black, but Bremby is decades older and has a beard, while Woods does not. Woods said he took the remark as "a terribly inappropriate joke," not a threat.

But Otto said the suggestion that he made such a remark is "totally bunk." He said any encounter with Woods occurred perhaps several years earlier and he only suggested Bremby ought to be fired over how his agency regulated day care centers. Otto said he confused

Woods with Bremby only from a distance and only because he didn't know Woods well.

Hensley also noted Otto sponsored an unsuccessful amendment to the state budget this year to withhold funding for the state advisory commissions on disabilities, African-American Affairs and Hispanic and Latino American Affairs.

Otto called it a cost-saving move amid the state's financial problems, but acknowledged Thursday that he believes it's "racist" for the state to have special commissions for some groups and not others.

"We haven't had an Irish-American council or an Asian-American council," he said.

Typical, typical liberals. They take everything as racist. How many times have liberals made videos or made fun of conservatives? Why aren't they called racist? Hmm...  

How many times did he say, "it's about rednecks?" I dunno, I stopped counting after the first 2 times.

Ya know, libs are incredible, seriously! They must have nothing better to do than call people racists. Hey, I think I've found another Czar for Obama to appoint: The Race Czar. Cool, huh? not a chance

How many Czars do we have? Oh, like 100, hey, I'm not too far off, am I? *winks*

Ol' Kathleen Sebelius from Kansas can say what she wants, can't she? You don't believe me?
Anyways, she kicked our her, wait for it, gay son...oh, who's the homophobe now? Oh, no I didn't!  If you didn't know that, you do...

 Oh, idk, why are we always getting shot at with different names and stuff. We're all bigots, racists, homophobes (right, we're scared of homosexuals, not because it's against our beliefs or anything) and whatever else.

While we're on the subject of liberals... what up with the health care?! How many times does it take for me to say, Glenn Beck to say, Rush Limbaugh to say, Steven Crowder to say, it will be bad for our country! Canada is trying to bail itself out and we're jumping in. Why?! This isn't going to help anyone, seriously! The libs are all like, "Oh, well, we know this will benefit the country." Benefit the country, seriously? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!

Alright, well I'm done ranting... :-)

Love, Palin, and Crowder,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lists to Learn Who I Am! (and you will love every second of it!)


Now, just because I feel like it, hahahaha, I want to make some lists. Before you click the little X button in the right-hand corner, chill...

These aren't gonna be boring
1. I'm pretty (joke!)
2. I like my smile (uh...)
3. I'm funny (no way)
Nope, not that boring...gosh, don't you trust me?

My lists tonight are below!

Top ten things I hate

10. Feet. I really hate them, I dunno why, they just freak me out. I mean those stubby little things we call toes. This is abnormal, I know, but with my clown feet (size 10 1/2, baby) how can I really like them?

9. Goth people. I don't so much hate them as I'm scared of them. You mean you've never seen Revenge of the Goths? Oh, what a was even scarier than those Mummy movies (which are pretty awesome in my 'pion.)

8. Math. Oh, don't even get me started...

7. Perez Hilton, seriously everything that comes out of his mouth I plug my ears and hum Muse (their new cd pwns, fyi)

6. Celebrities. Now with the exception of a certain guy named *cough* Robert Pattinson *cough*, most celebs are just dumb. They think they've contributed some great thing to society so they let all the fame go to their pea-sized brains. Seriously, what did Brad Pitt contribute? His bleached blonde hair? Ooh, special stuff there... Plus, 90% of them are liberal so ya know, i don't hate them so much as find them absolutely impossible to reason with.

5. Abortion. Somebody I know bought a bumper sticker that says the following, "So you'll kill a innocent baby but not a convicted murderer?" Where is the justice? Seriously? Hey, I should so get that tattooed on my way; I hate needles and tramp stamps

4. Gay marriage. If even the Bible says its wrong why do they do it? Is it some form of idk, rebellion? Like an immature 15 year old, "Ooh, I hate my life, I'm gonna run away." Whatever, it's also pretty sickening to know that in my state it's legal. But, like the kids in my class say, "Just cause it's legal doesn't make it right." Yeah, see, teenagers are sometimes smarter than some adults. Hm?

3. Anita Dunn. That...woman...ugh! She has nothing more to do than twiddle her little thumbsies so she decides to attack Fox News? Bcuz they're not a "real news channel." Right, of course not, then I guess this isn't a real news blog cuz I get my info from them. She also said that like an "arm to the right wing." Yeah, isn't CNN an arm to the left wing? Hmm...well, idk, but I'm right..:D

2. Nobel Peace Prize committee. I don't really need to explain this but I will. :) Okay, seriously tell me, what has Obama done to bring "peace?" Well, let's see, there was the time...oh, nope he didn't. What about the time? Ah, nope. Or maybe when he...op, never happened. See, what an impressive resumé. Mm-hmm
*Hums Barack Hussein Obama mmm*

1. The current administration. I cannot exactly say I hate them, cuz I'd be pinned as a racist, of course. But, let's just say I hate their actions and decisions. Simple as that, people.

Now, after all the negativity, here's some positive for ya...
10 things I love

10. Writing, this one explains itself...

9. Talking. I like talking. I don't like my voice though, I wish I had a cool voice like British or Irish. Irish accents are so cool. Though their little leprechaun's scare me. I kid you not.

8. Adventure movies. Nothing beats the Bourne Trilogy (though they really shouldn't be called that, nothing like the books), Mummy movies, or Push. Those are some of my fav movies besides Twilight, obviously. Matt Damon, though he maybe a total lib, does play Jason Bourne pretty well...if I do say so myself

7. Books. I really love reading so yeah, I'm cool like that.

6. Ding-dong-ish teenager boys. You know what I mean... those idioic morons you see running around the mall talking loudly or wrestling their friends in public. Ya know, the kind of guy you wanna take a wooden spoon and smack him on the head. haha I love them because it's fun to think of ways to get mad at them. Anger issues? Ha, no, not a bit.

5. Steven Crowder. Yeah, he's a pretty funny dude. I think I might have mentioned this before...I wonder...

4. MuteMath. Sad that a band would be higher on the list that Steven, huh? Oh, too bad. I love this bad, they rock!! (Cheesy much?) But their lead singer's awesome, and their drummer, seriously is amazing. I would love to go to one of their concerts someday...

3. Green eyed people. I have always wanted to have green eyes and wavy, blonde hair. So those are the things I would change about me, in case you ever wondered...

2. Burn Notice. I love this show! I liked Jefferey Donovan till I found out he was in his 40's. Just a wee bit older than me...haha Oh, he also got a DUI during the summer. *ugh*

1. Conservative people. 1# I look for in a hubby. Little bit early to be thinking about that...nah, I wanna get married tomorrow. Right! Ha, that's going to happen as soon as I receive the Peace Prize for writing this blog. Har Har Har!

So this ought to have given u a little inside peek inside my life. Bored? I hope not.

Love, Palin, and Crowder...