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Saturday Evening Rant: 9/11 Trials

Hello and all that stuff:
So, once again, I'm sorry for not writing on my blog. School's just crazy as heck, no kidding.
Before I jump into this messy gack, let me say that, if Steven Crowder ever *shakes head* reads this, this is for you: YOUR TWEETS ARE HIL-AR-IOUS. (yes, I did separate them, so read it as you see it.)


Michael Mukasey, the attorney general at the end of President Bush's second term, ripped his successor's decision to prosecute the Sept. 11 conspirators in a federal court, saying the trial will give jihadists a forum and could compromise delicate intelligence.

Mukasey, in an interview with Fox News, called the civilian trial announced Friday by Attorney General Eric Holder "the wrong place, under the wrong circumstances, in the wrong forum."

"After 9/11, we recognized that we were at war," he said, arguing that military tribunals were created for this kind of case and noting that they have been used since the Revolutionary War and during and after World War II.

"There are forums that allow the presentation of evidence in a controlled atmosphere, where you can limit access to classified information, and where you can receive evidence gathered on the battlefield, not necessarily under the kinds of conditions in which police gather evidence in a conventional case," he said. "That's not true in federal court."

On Friday, Holder announced that the self-proclaimed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Guantanamo detainees will be tried in federal court in New York for their alleged role in the attacks that killed 2,976 American civilians -- saying the U.S. will seek the death penalty against the defendants.

Holder said he decided to seek justice against the suspects in federal court rather than a military tribunal because the attacks targeted civilians on U.S. soil. But Mukasey and other critics say the attack was an act of war that should be prosecuted in a military tribunal.

Mukasey said it's unlikely that Mohammed will be acquitted because of his confession and other evidence linking him to the attack. But he added that same evidence could present problems in federal court.

"The real problem is that there is other evidence that may very well come from classified sources, that would be easier to handle in a military tribunal, much harder to handle in a civilian tribunal," Mukasey said.

He added that the trial also puts the terrorists on the kind of stage they seek.

"They want to be on a big stage and there's no bigger stage than New York," he said. source

Now, I have to admit, I actually had to *gasp* think on this one. So that's what my brains for... just kidding... I'm finally on the same level as most libs. No offense ;)
I agree w/ the fact that they deserve the death sentence, I do not know how I feel about the whole "trial thing." These dudes obviously want attention, I mean, ya don't just go killing Americans so no one will ever know your name. And apparently, they have a deep, festering (that word always reminds me of Fester Addams) hate towards America. Which, fine. If you wanna hate America, sadly, I cannot stop you. And, sorry Obama, resoning with them about that hate is like resoning with a 2 year old right before bath time.
I say, which the liberals are gonna freak out about this, that we skip the whole trail and just give 'em the death sentence. We know they commited this crime, so why are we having a tea party in court? Hm? The libs seem to think resoning (ha) with mental people (seriously, these dudes aren't far from it) is gonna work. Yeah, along with giving them lollipops. Seriously, why do they think these people even wanna talk to us? Hm? You dunno, do ya? CUZ NO ONE DOES!!!!
That's just it, no one, I repeat, no one can understand the libs. Maybe themselves, but even then, they're still afraid of the big bad monster named Limbaugh/ Beck who lives in their closet. (If you wanna see something that'll give you nightmares for a month, watch this. It probably won't scare you, but it could. :D)

I'm sorry, but, this isn't a good idea. If we know they're guilty, why put 'em on trial? It's like giving your kid a lollipop when he deserves a good spanking for biting his little sister (we'll name her Sally)

Well, then, that's enough ranting for a Saturday night. Until tomorrow, or probably next week...if I have time, so it could be a couple of weeks, maybe months...
Nah, I'll try and update this thang more.

So, uh, live long and vote Conservative!

Palin, love, and Crowder...
-Conservative Teen-

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