Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Vets Day!!!


Unless you've been sick (I hope not) or just frightfully unobservant, you would know that today is Veterans Day. Hooray! A day to honor the beautiful men and women who have served our country, making it the secure place it is. If it were not for them, who knows how our country might be. Our president could be even more extremist...crazy thought, huh? I mean, for all we know, we could have Kim Jong as our prez. Scary thought, huh?

'Thanks to our men and women we are not an extremist country with leaders in military uniforms. That is a sign of dictatorship, and each day we creep scarily closer to that. That's gonna bring worse nightmares than horror movies, huh?

Seriously, I know Veterans Day may not mean much to libs...(I mean, all of sudden Obama's all "thank you *pause* men *pause* and women. Sorry *pause* about the pauses *pause*, my teleprompter *pause* was acting rather funny *pause." If ya catch my drift...) (Yes, I know he really didn't say that, I'm not that stupid."

So, take today to pray for our veterans and thank them for all our their services to our great country. Really, it is. The surface may not be looking so bright right now, but it will get better. Know that, cuz I do...I think. jk jk why do you think I watch funny vids all the time? Uh, cuz I hate being depressed...that's the truth. You watch the news, it's calling, "Shooting, killing, murder, hostage, war, racist, homophobe...etc..."


P.S. If you wanna read Obama's Vet Day speech here it be... Speech

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