Thursday, December 31, 2009

Conservative Teen Awards Part 2

Here's Part 2!

Best Steven Crowder Vid:
The winner...Obama's Halloween (Featuring Carl and Cindy)

Best Covers:
The winner...Mreebee3's YouTube Channel

Best Video from Mreebee3:
The winner...Stacks by Bon Iver

Best Trailer:
The winner... New Moon

Best New Moon Trailer Spoof:
The winner... EvilIguana's

Best LOL Moment:
The winner...Nigahiga's ChildrensBop

Best Piano Covers:
The winner...Yoonha85TV

Best Taylor Lautner skit on SNL:
The winner...Team Jacob vs. Team Edward

So, there you have the awards. Hope you enjoyed them and maybe gave you a laugh...or not

More posting come next year!
-Conservative Teen

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