Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Poor Hils

Maybe it was something she didn't say.

Peruvian President Alan Garcia Perez walked out on Secretary Hillary Clinton on Monday during a joint news conference in Lima, Peru, creating an awkward moment for the secretary of state.

Garcia made a statement in Spanish, praising Clinton for being "a woman who represents modernity, a woman who has fought a virtuous struggle for women's rights for a very long time."

He then walked out of the room, leaving Clinton alone to wait for the translation of his comments and to make her own remarks to reporters.

"Well, first let me thank the president for his very kind hospitality today," she said without a hint of irony. Later, she apologized for "keeping him so late that he was behind in his schedule." Then Clinton excused herself, saying she had a meeting to attend.

Pedro Bravo, an official in the Peruvian embassy's political department, told FoxNews.com that it's "not rare" for Peruvian leaders to meet the press individually. But he added he didn't know the details of Perez's ditching of Clinton.

Other officials in the Peru Embassy and officials in the U.S. State Department did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

Clinton was in Peru as part of her weeklong trip to Latin America and the Caribbean for the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), which bills itself as "the Western Hemisphere's premier multilateral organization."

In his statement, Garcia cited Clinton's work as first lady, advocating for women's rights in Beijing and her unsuccessful bid for health care overhaul.

"So we know that she has a calling to serve women, to serve the poor, to serve the people," he said. "And that is why we are very happy to have her here to show that this is – her presence here shows that our friendship will continue our friendship with Peru and the United States."

Former President Bill Clinton headed to Lima Tuesday to meet with Garcia and receive the keys to the city from the mayor, Luis Castaneda Lossio.(SOURCE)

haha, some people left comments under the article that were partially cruel, but somewhat comical. One person said "She must used to getting left at the Dance by Bill and Barry."
I don't really have anything to rant on here, but I just wanted to show you how Hils always comes across as quite a diva to me. Ya know, making him late for a meeting. That's not nice, missy.
I hope you didn't think I was just going to give you that mini post and call it good. Nah, I'm doing more than that. haha

Don't point fingers. Don't make excuses. Don't pass the buck.

That was the advice President Obama gave to a graduating high school class in Michigan Monday night -- advice that sent off an irony alert among Republicans who accuse the president of having "spent his tenure" doing exactly that.

Obama offered his guidance during the commencement speech at Kalamazoo Central High School.

"Don't make excuses. Take responsibility not just for your successes, but for your failures as well," he told the graduates. "The truth is, no matter how hard you work, you won't necessarily ace every class or succeed in every job. There will be times when you screw up, when you hurt the people you love, when you stray from your most deeply held values.

"And when that happens, it's the easiest thing in the world to start looking around for someone to blame. Your professor was too hard, your boss was a jerk, the coach was playing favorites, your friend just didn't understand. We see it every day out in Washington, with folks calling each other names and making all sorts of accusations on TV."

He told the students that "pointing fingers" and "blaming parents" and everyone else in their lives is not the road to follow.

Senate Republicans reacted quickly to the speech, sending out a "best-of" list of instances in which Obama was "looking around for someone to blame." The quotes showed Obama using Bush as a scapegoat for everything from the deficit to America's image abroad.

Obama over the past 17 months has selectively blamed the Bush administration for the big problems he now faces.

One of the president's favorite rhetorical devices is the figurative "mop" he uses to clean up what he says were the mistakes of his predecessor.

"I don't mind cleaning up the mess that some other folks made. That's what I signed up to do," he said at a Democratic fundraiser last October.

Obama even chalked up Republican Sen. Scott Brown's upset victory in the Massachusetts special election to Bush-directed outrage in January.

"The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office," Obama said in an interview with ABC News. "People are angry, and they're frustrated. Not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years, but what's happened over the last eight years." (source)

Hey, have I ever said Obama was a hypocrite?
I have? Oh, well.

Joking aside, Obama acts like he was multiple personality disorder. Like most dems in Washington...
Does he really think we're so stupid we won't remember all the times he been "Bush bashing." I mean, really?

Well, the unfortunate answer to that is...yes.

Like most dems in Washington, they seriously believe we don't pay attention to the news--unless we're watching CNN, of course--and don't read the paper. We are, after all, too stupid to take care of ourselves. The government needs to help us, of course. We're just idiots who've attended their schools and grown up in their controlled cities and states.
Of course, we don't know how to take live without them. Hm, I don't think so.

Yo, Obama, I was wondering, if you don't want students to blame other people, why are you blaming Bush? Oh, that's right, silly me. I forgot you're like a little child who doesn't know how to take responsibility for his actions. And like other democrats, you never want to fess up to your mistakes.

His inexperience is not only showing through here, but also in the gulf oil spill. His lack of emotion and actions only reminds me that he is seriously inexperienced, and was not prepared for this job.
He's never worked a job in his life, save for political occupations and ACORN volunteering.
So, therefore, he was no idea how to run a business! Huh, no wonder this isn't working out so purty. :D
I mean, he's more content to go play golf and skip along his merrily way instead of saving the land and the animals. I swear, PETA's always jumping up and down, ready to jump upon anyone who badmouths animals or breaks their rules, but here's Obama not doing anything for these poor animals, and do you see them getting after him?
Sure, they went after him for swatting a fly, but not when he refuses to save these animals? Uh, dude?

Back to the speech, he mentions not blaming parents in there. SOmething tells me he's kinda saying do the opposite of that. I mean, he blames other people, so why shouldn't we?
"Yeah, my job sucks, so I'll blame my parents for making me go get a job."
"Yeah, I'm flunking math, so I'll blame my teacher for making me read."
Doesn't that sound...immature?

Anyways, in all, I don't like this speech. Not because I don't like him, but there's something fishy 'bout it. I don't know, it just sounds kinda...informal, I suppose. He doesn't sound like a president during the speech, but more so a friend. And that's just...wrong, if you know what I mean.

Palin--wait, sorry, I need to mention that I'm no longer closing my posts with "Palin, Love, and Crowder." After I heard that she backed Terry Branstead for governor in Iowa, she lost my support. He is too moderate, which worries me that she is possibly "conforming" to the more Democratic side of the political spectrum. It's too bad; she seemed quite nice back in 2008.

So, without further ado, my new signature:
Conservative Teen

Kid Drank at a Baseball Game...No, Really?

Here I am again. Now that I'm out of school, you should be able to expect 2-3 posts a week. Hopefully! Shoot me an e-mail if you'd like an article or I haven't updated in a while. :)

A young child was caught on camera drinking from a beer bottle at a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game Sunday, MyFoxPhilly.com reported.

Video of the unidentified child surfaced on Monday after the Phillies lost to the Padres on Sunday.

In two video shots taken from an official game broadcast, the blonde child is seen with a plastic beer bottle in his right hand, drinking from the bottle.

The child appears to be between three and four years old, and is also wearing a white Phillies home jersey.

Once the clips leaked out on the Internet, it set off another round of Phillies – and Philadelphia – bashing.

“Phillies fans are an illustrious bunch. In the past year, they have vomited, prostituted and been Tasered. Now it appears that childhood drinking can be added to the list,” said the Huffington Post blog.

“Drinking beers at 4-years-old, forced vomiting on people by age 21. Who would allow a toddler to drink a beer, at $9 a bottle, I’m keeping that beer to myself,” said another blogger on Ted Williams Head.com.

The latest incident at the Phillies home ball park comes after two nationally publicized confrontations, where one fan vomited on six people, while another fan had to be Tasered by Philadelphia police on camera. SOURCE

I hardly see this as a humorous or laughing matter, but in a sense, it just shows how much people care about stupid little things like this. I dunno, is it really "breaking news?"
No, probably not.
Still, I think people enjoy poking their noses into other people's business and then making it into a huge deal.
Yo, back off, people!
Eh, whatever.