Monday, November 2, 2009

Palin + Beck= Stalin?! Oh, Give Me a Break...

Happy November, my fellow un-ding-dongish people!

So, tonight (or whatever time of day you're reading this) I'm a-gonna be talking about The New York Times' article on Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

Those people actually had the nerve to compare them to Stalin?! Why aren't they being attacked, and called racist?! If we dare to compare (ha, I'm such a poet) Obama to HItler, it's all, "You're a racist hatemonger!" And they do this and they just blow raspberries in our faces like everyone is 5 years old again. "Look at what I can get away with!" It's seriously like they're being the disobedient child, and we're the good child who gets blamed for everything while they're the ones making trouble. How can that even work? I mean, excuse me for not agreeing with Obama (because his views and twisted and misguided). But I'm not really in the mood to be called a racist, hatemonger, or whatever else gets hurled this way.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't enjoy seeing reporters bowing down at his feet chanting, "Obama! Obama!" cuz everytime they do, I start "mmm-ing." just for the fun of it.
Fox News, 1# I respect them, is they are "fair and balanced," something CNN and MSNBC cannot seem to grasp how to do.
I seriously am so tired of hearing Gibbs, Emanuel, Dunn, etc. avoiding the questions about why they're attacking Fox (besides the fact that it's "not a real news source") and talking about Mother Theresa and Mao Se Tung.

Anyways, I'm getting off topic again.
Bottom line here, Beck and Palin are no where near as manic as Stalin. He killed millions of people. Now, look around, who has Beck or Palin killed? The feminists like to attack Palin cuz she wouldn't kill her baby. (Abortion is murder, ladies, which ever way you look at it. You're tunnel vision is quite problematic)
So, why aren't they getting attacked? Well, you have the Kennedy's and Obama's (and other libs) who are all chanting abortion from the sidelines cheering it on.
'scuse me, don't you have kids? Would you have killed your children? Would you have killed the innocent little warm face that as it took its first breath in this new world brought you years of memories? Does the fact that it's a human mean nothing to you? Apparently, the Kennedy's have no problem with murder, Ted Kennedy was a show of true colors, wouldn't you agree?

I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, please, but does anyone realize that no one has said anything 'bout this story? I only found this out from my parents. I'm sure if someone called Anita Dunn or one of the Kennedy's or Heaven forbid, one of the Obama's a sadistic, masochistic leader, they would be like, attacked and maybe thrown in the dungeon...jk, I wouldn't expect them to that...or should I?

Bottom line, people enjoy targeting other people without looking at the people from their own parties. Do the libs even give half a wit about the crazies Obama's put into office? Or are they to busy pointing fingers at the GOP? (which I might add, I don't always agree with meself. There's times where I wanna start my own party. The Party of Conservative Patriots...or The Party of Cool People in Peacoats...though that could require everyone to buy a peacoat, they might objec to that...)

Nice rant, huh? :)

Sad news for Steven Crowder fans, no article this week! Aah! Which probably means no vid..darn! Thursday is Crowder Day for moi. Sad, yes, but true. here's the link to his twitter page
Though I have to admit, I'm proud of him for going overseas...that's more than Obama's doing...

Luv, Palin, and Crowder..

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