Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Father Refuses to Take Flag Down and everyone goes AAHHH!!!


So, I was doing some looking around on Glenn Beck's website and found this story.

Apparently, this father (Mr. Louis Haros) from California made a promise to his son fighting overseas right now to keep up the American flag for his two tours. Due to age, weather, and what not, the flag has become tattered and torn. So, people are trying to make him take down the flag. Neighbors and even just people passing by are protesting him.
Here's a quote I found on
Ryan Gallucci, a spokesman for AMVETS, a group of 180,000 U.S. veterans, said while it's a "dicey" situation, the organization would prefer that Haros stop flying the tattered flag.
"It's a national symbol and not just a symbol of one soldier's sacrifice," Gallucci told "We would advocate he replace it with a serviceable flag out of respect for those who have gone before."
Here's my opinion on the whole thing...
A promise, is a promise like he says in the article. It is nobody's business but his own. Yes, the flag is tattered and torn (see pic below) but it is almost symbolic. The flag could represent the struggles and hardship the family and soldier have gone through.
Anyways, I get so tired of the meddling thing right now! He said he will take the flag down once his son comes home. So, don't worry be happy!
Love, Palin, and Crowder...
-Conservative Teen-

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