Friday, August 7, 2009

Angry Mobs, oh yes, because people speaking their minds are lunatics. Shame on them for using their rights! ;-)


I'm here to write about the "angry mobs" the dems are accusing conservatives of because they are *gasp* not agreeing with the dems on their ideas about magical health care.
Watch this video from the DNC...

I'm going to break it down for you with my I go...

0:02- "They're back." See, didn't you get Arnold's warning..."I'll be baack." He wasn't just talking about himself he was talking about the evil Conservative Zombies back from our cofffins.

0:10- "They lost the election, The battle over the recovery act, the budget, and children's health care." Thanks, as if I wasn't depressed enough.

0:30- "Their goal? Destroy President Obama and stop the change Americans voted for overwhelmingly in November." Overwhelmingly? Look at the election results I found here
365- Electorial votes
53%-Vote %
66,882,230- Votes

173- Electorial Votes
46%- Vote %
58,343,671- Votes

Ya know, call me an idiot, but I don't exactly think 53% vs. 46% is exactly "overwhelmingly." But, hey, judge for yourselves.

0:40- "This mob activity is straight from the playbook of high-level Republican political operatives. They have no plan for moving our country forward, so they've called out the mob."
Huh, sounds like a horror movie. "They can't take over, so they're calling out the demons. Whahaha." Thanks, dudes.

Well, I'm sure you haven't had enough of my blog post... so here's more!
So, here are some vids I found on Glenn Beck's site

Austin, Texas

Elkhart Country, Indiana


St. Louis

Denver, CO

Troy, Michigan

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