Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obama Girls Mentioned In An Ad? Oh My, They're Being Used As a Publicity Stunt? Huh?


I know everyone's talking about the health care reform and everything else, but I decided to talk about a story that kind of made me think...
This poster (below) is causing another controversy coming about.

Apparently, the people at the White House are getting gunchy because a Washington non-profit organization has been putting this poster up in the Union Station Train depot.

The ad features 8-year-old Jasmine Messiah from Florida who has been writing letters to her senators and Representatives to try and get healthier lunches in the cafeteria. She complains that there are no vegetarian or vegan lunches, as she is a vegetarian.
Their argument is that child obesity is at an "all-time high."

Well, Robert Gibbs got defensive and said this:
"Without getting into the specifics, we've been very clear, I think, from even before the administration started, that their two girls would have a very private life, and we want to protect that private life and their privacy,'' He stated, "And we hope that others will be respectful, as many in the media have been, about not using the girls as a publicity stunt.'' (quote found here)

Oh, yes, it would be very mean to be attack to the president's daughters... Since when is this a "publicity stunt"? The company didn't even mention their names! If they said, "Malia and Sasha Obama get healthy lunches why don't I?" then I could sort of understand, I suppose.

Of course the media has been respectful, the two girls aren't really old enough to be like, out there. So they can't really "do anything." How suck-up-ish would it be if the media was like, "Today the lovely Obama girls went shopping today with their marvelous mother, Michelle. The three-some had so much fun." That would sound more like a People magazine article instead of hard-hitting journalism. Just sayin'

Lastly, I 150% agree with this ad, all children deserve to have good school lunches. Not that I'm saying we all should be the same, that's like Communism. Not a believer in that. Ya think? But, I do support the ad, and the little girl, so Jasmine, rock on!

Oh, well, that's just my 2 cents on the whole matter...

Love, Palin, and Crowder...

-Conservative Teen-

P.S. If YOU want to sign the petition for healthier lunches,

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