Monday, August 10, 2009

Dangerous posters!

Today I'm going to be writing about the Obama Joker Posters which have been creating quite a controversy. Even going as far to call a poster, wait for it, DANGEROUS! Yeesh! How dumb! A poster is a poster!

They've been appearing around L.A. and seen in subway stations etc. (Something tells me Ol' Nancy-kins Pelosi wasn't putting them up)
Here's a pic of the poster...

This has brought up race! Yeah, race! The nice, little liberals are all like, "this is pure racism, aaah!" Oh, really? If at the bottom it had racial words (which I'm not allowed to post) instead of "socialism" maybe I could agree with them on that. But, haven't they realized people are getting making fun of him not because he's black, but because of all the stimulus money and the health care reform he's been promoting.

Ya know, something I don't get, if we make fun of Obama we get called racists, if Vanity Fair does this to George Bush, (below) they get a pat on the back.
(nice vampire pic, what is he George Cullen?)

Or how about this, hmm?

Should the person (or people) who did that to Sarah Palin should

A) Get slapped silly

B) Apologize

C) Get slapped again

D) Get called an anti-feminist

E) Another slap wouldn't hurt, would it?

Ya know, I believe that most liberals are a bunch of babies who need a couple spankings (oh, wait, that would be child abuse, my bad) or to just GROW UP!!!!!!! No offense, of course.
Love, Palin, and Crowder...
-Conservative Teen-


Bitty said...

Nice Pics! Very funny harry potter one was so fave! Even though he rules!

Conservative Teen said...

dude, I took the HP one mom freaked out. I guess she's right. lol