Thursday, August 13, 2009

Miley Cyrus, Strike 100# Or is it 101? Oh, well...

Have you noticed how our culture has well, gone downhill? Don't believe me? Really? Did you watch the 2009 Teen Choice Awards on Monday night?

Miley, innocent (ha!) Miley Cyrus was pole dancing! Yeah, you heard me right! She came out of a trailer looking like trailer trash. She was sporting like this kind pretty top until I realize the shirt on purposely exposes her black, lacy bra, dumb fur vest (Honey, summer's not over quite yet) and shorts that were more like undies. Seriously, what's the point in wearing shorts if you're just gonna go prancing around in spankies? (the shorts under cheer leading skirts)
And, the opening lines to her song were...
"I hopped from the plane at LAX... welcome to the land of fame and sex. " Then later in the song the lyrics are, "Nodding my head like, yeah. Moving my hips like, yeah." Oh yes, that's what little girls need to see, you shaking your booty. (I thought disco died?) Well, Miles, I'd say you adapted well to that crazy land out there.
Is she trying to show off for Nick Jonas? Like, "Hey babe, look what I can do." Ooh, that's a great way to earn him back. Keep it up, hon!
Since when is pole-dancing appropriate for children?! They were aiming this show at 10+. I didn't learn about pole dancing till I was like, 11! And even that was too early!
And to top it all off, her parents stood up clapping. No parent in their right minds would seriously applaud to see their daughter dance around a slut...would they? Apparently now they would. She's like Britney Spears' little Mini-Me.
"And I shall call her Mini Brit."
Okay, then.

In conclusion, the only reason people aren't like, publicly calling her a slut and stuff is because she is (loosely, I might add) a part of Disney Channel. Truthfully, I'm surprised they haven't kicked her off yet. She's not cute and perky like she used to be. She is like 16 going on 26. No offense meant, of course!

Love, Palin, and Crowder...
-Conservative Teen-
P.S. I might add, her song is 1# on iTunes. Shocked? Me too)

Here's the video...


Karina said...

Haha !
That made me crack up!! I agree, I mean I'm not going to lie, I have some Miley Cyrus songs in my ipod ashamed yes but i do! I mean the only reason why people see her so badly is because of her role on Hannah Montana, and Disney protrays her as a "role model", it seems like the more fame the less clothes! Her dancing was a little too explicit there still little 5 year olds looking up to her! She's trying to get out of kiddie land in all the wrong ways.
OH & By the wall if you follow my blog in return i'd be very much appreciated & i'll suport you on my it =)

Anonymous said...

Yes, she seems to enjoy prancing around like a little pervert, doesn't she?

Bitty said...