Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Unimportant Posting From Me

So, havin' fun shoving all that "global warming" outside your door? Me neither. (Major thanks to Rush Limbaugh for coming up with the correct title for snow.)

Help wanted. Must tweet.

If you're "passionate about engaging millions" in advancing President Obama's agenda, the commander in chief has a job for you.

The Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America -- the successor organization to Obama for America -- are seeking a "social networks manager" to oversee Obama's accounts on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. The ideal new hire, according to the official job description, will possess "strong, sharp and personable" writing skills, as well as the ability to craft messages that "move people to act" and managing multiple "complex" projects.

Be prepared to lose some sleep: "Ready to work hard; this isn't a 9-5 sort of job," reads another job qualification.

Candidates must also be willing to relocate to Washington, and preference will be given to those with experience in electoral campaigns and advocacy or nonprofit organizations.

The president's next social network mouthpiece will have his -- or her -- hands full with Obama's 7.5 million-plus Facebook fans, 3.3 million Twitter followers and nearly 2 million MySpace friends. The White House, in contrast, has less than 500,000 Facebook fans.

Recent posts to Obama's Facebook page have included well-wishes to Team USA in Vancouver and calls to "support candidates who fight" for health care reform.

"An alarming new study shows that U.S. health care spending rose to an estimated $2.5 trillion in 2009 and is projected to nearly double by 2019," a Feb. 10 posting reads. "We can't kick this problem down the road for another decade -- or even another year."

The starting salary for the position is unclear, as is the number of applications that have been received since the opening was posted late last week. Several messages to the DNC seeking comment Tuesday were not returned.

Mia Cambronero, who currently holds the position, will step down by the end of the month from her "infamous job as 'Barack Obama's twitterer,'" according to an e-mail posted to a listserv. "We're looking for someone to start immediately," the posting read.

Attempts to reach Cambronero, were unsuccessful Tuesday. She formerly served as a fellow for the New Organizing Institute, a "progressive advocacy and campaign training program" that was established by the liberal political advocacy group MoveOn.org in November 2005. Cambronero graduated from Georgetown University in 2008, according to her profile.

Judging from Cambronero's past, her successor would do well to write lefthanded.

Yeah, why not pay somebody to lie and brainwash for ya? Wow, they're just thinking of everything, aren't they?

I guess this a great way to get to the crack-head twenty-somethings, hm? That is considering, they can read after wasting the most valuable years of their lives in governement funded asylums. Do you really wanna call them schools? I didn't think so.

I do have a question for Obama though, will he/she be called the Social Networking Czar?

I find it kinda, er, strange that she's just "stepping down" all of a sudden...is it just me? And then she's not returning Fox's calls...and the fact that Fox is just a Republican Propaganda Network (bear with me here) shouldn't be influencing this that much. Seriously, I don't care how lib, ya are, don't be so 'tarded.

Did 'Bam and the Gang not promise to keep us "in the know" about everything? 'Cause why don't we know how much he/she would be paid, and/or how many people have applied? Good job on that one, dude.

Hehe, deep down, I find this hilarious. He wants to be so badly to be "down with the kids" that he's resorting to this...? I almost find it a desperate attempt to make sure his approval rating doesn't go all "London Bridge" on him. (Remember that song spoof?)

Well, hope that either scared the crud out of you or made you chuckle a wee bit.

Lots o' love,
Conservative Teen


Sydney said...

It's absolutely insane that he has to hire someone to create propaganda for him in the forms of social networking.

Obama needs to choose between street cred with the twenty-somethings and respect from the general population.

And now he has neither. Way to go, Barack.

Keep on keeping on for the Repubs!

commoncents said...

THANK YOU for posting this! I really like your blog!!

Common Cents

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