Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Major, Major Sorry!!!

I am so sorry for not updating. The homework level was just too much, so...yeah
Thank you for still coming back to check.
Anywho...I'm back! :)

So, what should I rant about tonight...
How about health care?

Before I post the article, and then smother the entire page with my ranting, I'm gonna talk about my opinion of the health care fiasco. I think it's a big pot of yuck. 'Bam and the Gang are trying--and succeeding--to ruin this beautiful country. Do you see any more people with jobs? Does the economy look better? Has Gitmo been closed? Nope. Nada. All Obama's cared about is his danged health care. Oh, it's change alright. But, the point is, it's NOT good change. I've been saying--along with the smarter folks like Glenn Beck and Limabugh--that he never directly mentioned what kind of change we were going to receive.

Heck, we're on the road to Socialism.

Oh, we're off to get Socialism
The wonderful Socialism of Utopia (and Comunisim too!)

Ya got Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid skipping down the road, linkin' arms with Obama, smiling like a two year old in a candy shop. It's bad news, folks. They don't care about the good America; they want to see it smushed and blown up. It's the whole "one world" crud that makes me want to barf.
Speaking of Pelosi and Reid (oh, they make me laugh) watch this video in which Glenn Beck speaks everybody's mind about the duo.
Oh, they are quite a pair aren't they. Crazy libs!

Anyways, the health care bill was a whole lot of bad stuff. It's unconstitutional (duh!). Even my 11 year old sister knows that. What, do you think we're idiots or something? My parents taught us well. (Hi, mom)
We're gonna be just like Canada. Watch Steven Crowder's (my hero!!!) vid from like, last summer where he reenforces everything I've said. Purty much. I love that dude.

Well, there's something for now.
Look for the next post which will have an article in it from Fox News.

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