Monday, January 25, 2010

To Save a Life Movie Review by Uh, ME!!!!

So, as I promised, I'm going to talk (more like ramble) about To Save a Life.
Well, I went to go see it over the weekend, and my major advice to the girls who go see this BRING KLEENEX!!! Seriously, I was like bawling. Tragic...
So, the stories about this awesome got-it-all-together basketball star (High School Musical esque-ish) who's extremely popular and forgot all about his childhood bestie. Ya know, the swap out the old friend with the hot girlfriend and idiotic jocks as friends.
His friend, in 6th grade, saved him from an oncoming car, taking a blow to his leg, resulting in a permanent limp. Which then lets Jake (the jock) go on to be a basketball maniac.
Eventually, one day at school, Roger (the limping past-bestie) pulls a gun out and begins firing. Jake cautions him not to do anything, but Roger *spoiler* commits suicide.
So, then Jake's all blue about the whole thing (if he wasn't I'd be worried). One thing leads to another, and he starts going to church, his supposed friends leave him (cuz he's too CHristian for them) etc.
His life falls apart, and he finds God. Ya know...
The best part of this movie is Doug Moore played by *drum roll*...Steven Crowder. Yeah, my favorite political commentator. He plays the jerk of a best friend guy. It was nice to see him on a bigger screen then my computer for longer than 4 minutes.
The movie is def worth seeing. It has a good Christian perspective on things teens get shoved at them on a daily basis.
So, go see it if the last sentence piqued your interest...or you just wanna see Steven for a bit. His arms are lot more muscular then his vids let on. bahaha
But as a final note, the movie is a sobering look at what the lure of popularity can sometimes lead to.

I love you!!!
(I'm tired of closing my posts the same dorky way.)

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