Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goal Shifting...Oh, What Fun...

DId you hear that Obama's "shifting his goals" for the second year? He's going to concentrate less on health care (which I think has something *cough* a lot *cough* to do with Browne getting in office). So, what's he going to do?? COncentrate on education reformation (eh...not so sure 'bout this one) and job tax cuts. (really not sure 'bout that one)

He might be loosening his grip on this crazy dream of socalized health care for the moment, but in a few months or next year...ha, we'll see.

Wow, don't I sound optimistic? :)

I'm sorry but when we have a communist prez with seriously misguided ideals, would you rather I go around skipping and telling you it's all good? (Do you think I'm a lib? That's purty much what I just described...)

Ah, such turbulent times...don't forget to laugh though. It is the best medicine.
Here's the newest video from Steven, hope it brightens your day...till you turn on the tv. :)

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