Thursday, October 8, 2009

Magazines, what a shame...

Yolellow: (don't even ask what that means)

So, what do I want to rant on, em, about those trashy mags you see at the grocery store?
Alright... I know, it's not really politics, but who said I just had to write about the news? This is my bloggy woggy so I will do what I want. Alright, whatever.

In Touch Mag:
Some of the ones that make me roll my eyes and sigh:
"Katie (Holmes) Looks Pregnant Again."  Oh, well, this changes everything! Oh my gosh, I'm so excited I just don't know what to do with myself. *smirks*

"Jen, I'm Sorry. Brad Finally Seeks Forgiveness. Will it Erase Four Years of Jen's Heart?" Oh, give it up, they divorced, and quite obviously have moved on. The question here is, have you?

"Jamie Lynn (Spears) Betrayed. Casey Cheated on Her." Oh, who cares? Aren't her sister's scandals enough for that family?

"Brad's Intimate Texts to Jen (Aniston)." Again, who cares? He's an old man now, oops, sorry to 'fend ya girls, but he's like in his forties now. He's out, and RPattz is in. ;)
Obviously, as you can tell, I don't care for In Touch. Well, what about Star Mag?

Just as stupid...

"(Rihanna) I Still Love Him. (Chris Brown." Mm-hmm...

"Caught! Brad (Pitt) and the Nanny." Gosh, do these people have nothing to do but sit around and make up stories about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston?

"Sarah Jessica (Parker) Moving Out." Oh, is she moving to Sex and the City now? Maybe Matthew Broderick can find ol' Ed Rooney's house. (Ferris Bueller, for any of you young people who have never seen that awesome movie. Shame...)

Ok! Magazine, which is quite obviously, um, not okay. Bad joke, I know :D

"(Britney Spears) Trying to Get Pregnant." Whoopdy do, changes my life, again...

"Rob (Pattinson) Tells Kristen (Stewart) Make Up Your Mind." RPattz or your boyfriend. What a nail-biter!

"(Robert and Kristen you know who :D) Obsessed with Each Other." Yeah, this must a really serious relationship. Hmm... Plus, like Brad Pitt, these peeps must enjoy creating fake romances. Though, the more pics and stuff I see of Rob and Kristen, I'm starting to assume Robsten might not be so false. Anyone else think so? Let me know...

I mean, these covers are just pain ridiculous. Pointless too...

Think they can't get any worse? Oh, I saved my favorite for last... great, huh? If they're getting married, than I so am I. Though I'm kind of stillmaybekindasorta waiting for the um, ring.

Have you seen any other dumb mags? Post the link in the comments, cuz I wanna see 'em.

Love, Palin, and Crowder...

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