Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy 4th of July!
Today, let us take the time to think about what America means to us.
For me, America is a country where we are free to speak our minds and go about our daily lives in a manner that is pleasing to us. America is full of people with brilliant ideas. And these people are the ones that make our country great.
Our country was founded on Christian ideals that were supposed to be carried throughout history. Do you know why America was founded? No, not because it supposedly had good beer and cheese--gah, somebody fell asleep during history class. Seriously, dude, it was founded because our fathers wanted religious freedom from the King of England. Our Founding Fathers were smart men equipped with determination. Hey, you try and start your own country and make it work! The going was tough, but, dang, these guys stuck through it--those winters must have been hell--and voila!
Something that I learned in history class this year that shocked me was America was originally run by socialism. Wanna know why we're not now?
Let's back up a we have all these farmers doing what they do best--farming--and they're contributing food and the necessities of life to a sort of "community offering bucket" (if you know what i mean.) And let's say, Farmer William gets injured and can't work for a few months, but after a while, his hamstring feels good as new. Well, he's realized just how easy it is to not work and still get all the food he and his wifey-pooh need. This starts a chain reaction, soon nobody, save for a few farms, are working and whadya know! There's no food! So, now they're cold, starving, and lazy. Hm...sound a wee bit like some folks on welfare, eh?
So after that, we became a Capitalist nation where everyone worked hard and made our nation prosper.
Life in America hasn't been easy. We've gone through numerous wars, depressions, and politicians that seem to care very little for the blessing that is America.
Yeah, you know who I'm talking about...Woodrow Wilson (okay, so maybe you didn't know I was thinking about that one) and Barack Hussein Obama (insert mm-mm-mm's here.)
But the best thing about America is we always pick ourselves back up and shake off the mistakes made by bad presidents/ politicians. There is not a doubt in my mind that whatever damage Obama does, we can correct most of it. Take the Health Care "Reform" for instance. Right after it was passed, numerous states with Republican governors sued. Granted, Democrats did not, but I think if we pitch a fight, something is going to happen. After all, we are Americans and we love this country and we don't want anything to happen to it. It is our bread and butter, our Lady Liberty, our motherland, our home, our life, our liberty, our country.

So as you watch fireworks today, don't just think about how pretty the colors are or how good those 8 hot dogs tasted, think about what our country has been through and how special it is. We are the only country with so much free speech that we can print papers and write blogs much like this one, expressing our opinions. We are a great country.
Be proud of your country, and no matter what the liberals say, America is beautiful.
God bless America!
-Conservative Teen


Kyle said...

They certainly did have a big task. Not only did they create their own country, but (as few people realize) they created their own system of government. A system like the one used in America was the first of its kind (the initial ideas came from ancient Greece and Rome, but America differed in many ways), and eventually France used it as a basis during their revolution. In fact, many sections of their documents closely resembled the Declaration of Independence, and thus our idea of the modern republic spread.

We do get back up, thank God, and I hope we do sometime soon. Mistakes have been made, but I am confident we can fix them.

Carly Hill said...

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