Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown Won? OMG, Are You Kidding Me? Nope.

Give me a V! Give me a I! Give me a C! Give me a T! Give me an O! Give me an R! Give me a Y!
What's that spell? VICTORY!!!

I know I shouldn't be getting so excited about Scott Brown winning, but seriously when you think about it, it's purty ah-mazing. I mean, MA is such a lib state that the fact a Republic won is earth shattering. Is MA not notorious for being, well, as my parents call them "pointy-headed libs?" Just stereotyping? Nah.

Here's what foxnews.com says, With 97 percent of precincts reporting, returns showed Brown leading Coakley 52-47 percent, by a margin of 120,000 votes.

As amazing and wonderful--cuz it sends a message to Bam and the Crew that we're not happy 'bout their changes--as this is, I have to admit, now we have a serious prob. Either way--dem or repub--we would be in deep trouble. Now, with the Republican in, they don't have the 60 majority they needed. So, now they're gonna try and ram through this health care bill from hell--look at Canada, folks--in. They've even talked about trying to get it through before Brown even gets to Washington. Conviving much?
So, the little brats in Washington are trying to ruin YOUR lives as best they can. (Mother's heavy hand, ya know)
As good as this is, it's like eating a cookie.'Kay, so, you eat the cookie. No biggie, oui? Well, then you eat 58 more. Now they may have tasted very good at the time, but now you don't feel good. So, you take 1 Pepto Bismol and momentarily you feel better. But before you can feel 100%, you puke up the cookies.
Gross, I know, but doesn't it get the point across? The current congress is the cookies, Brown is the Pepto, etc. I know you're not dumb, I'm just making sure, 'kay?

For tonight, rejoice that MA finally made a good decision (after having Kennedy in for waaaaaaaaaayyyy too long). But tomorrow, snap back to reality and realize that Washington is bound and determined. They're not gonna stop at anything to get this bill through. So we need to go all Lord of the Rings on 'em and kill some Orc. :) "Meat's back on the menu, boys!" If you catch my drift...(I'm not suggesting we kill Congress, just clean House.)

But, yeah.
Love, Palin, and Crowder...
-Conservative Teen

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