Saturday, October 3, 2009

Valerie Jaret. Liberal. Bff of Obama. All around ding-dong.

Ya know, part of the reason the Obama's were pushing the whole Chicago Olympics deal, which thankfully, they lost.

Now I'm going to list the top three reasons why I think Valerie's just...dumb

1. Her mom was one of the four advocates who started the Erickson Institute. Okay, but, it's board of trustees once included Thomas Ayres. Sound familiar? Yeah, that's William Ayres daddy-o.

2. The only reason she was pushing for the Olympics to be held in Chicago was this, she owns land where they would have been held. So her land + money to build everything = Valerie's cha-ching

3. She's really, really close with Obama. Too close. She is his "advisor" Alright, so that's not bad, I guess. But that fact that she has so much tunnel-vision that she can't see any other side is what bothers me. She mine as well be socalist like Obama. Hey, it's the truth.

Valerie Jarett is a sad, sad example of Obama's friends. Did he have problems making friends a muchkin, so now he makes all these bad choices?
Guess so...

-Love, Palin, and Crowder...

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