Sunday, September 13, 2009

Health Care...Ooh

I am finally gonna tackle health care. *deep breathe*
Okay, so Obama's been pushing this thing faster than I run a mile. (Which is pretty fast, if I do say so myself)
He's been all like, "This will help everyone." Yeah, everyone who's not smart enough to know what the fine print says.
Or, "This won't put us more in debt?" Yeah, and eating cookies everyday won't make you fat. Hmm...

Watching him giving his addresses on the news, he's beginning to sound desperate. Like, "Oh, please, let me push this through! Please!!!"

Other times, he reminds me of a hypnotist, "We will push this through, we will push this through, we will push...this...through." I thought we elected a president, not a genie.

Let's dig a little deeper, if Canada is trying to bail themselves out of the sinking ship, why are we trying to jump aboard?  Just simple logic...nothing else

I don't wanna go too deep into this debate simply because I think it all can be summed up into a simple sentence, "This won't help our country at all."
Simply that, why can't liberals just listen to the people? They might learn a few things.

Oh, well. No offense. Believe me, I don't want people to think I enjoy getting mad at Obama, but he's doing a few things...well, yeah.

Love, Palin, and Crowder...

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