Thursday, August 20, 2009

Music, because we all need a change of events every now and then

Have you, like me, realized that news anymore is just well, depressing? yeah, I thought so.
So, this post will simply be me telling YOU about new (usually alternative) artists I like. FYI: all the songs I like/ write about are in the play list which I posted on the right side near the bottom. You're more than welcome to take a listen if ya like.

1) Death Cab for Cutie

Top songs:
Soul Meets Body
Someday You Will Be Loved
Summer Skin
Marching Bands of Manhattan

Why I like them:
Ben Gibbard is like, one of the most different sounding vocalist I've heard that I can actually not gag at. There's a few where it's just like, ew! I was expecting this group to be like, emo-ish/ punk rock creepy type music. Well, it's not, and it's just good fun music. Though, a few of the songs speak of praying to Father Time, which I roll my eyes at. He's as much a God as Santa Clause is.
2) MuteMath

Top Songs:
Architecture (couldn't find it on, so listen to it on itunes, you won't be sorry)

Why I like them:
They are kinda this rock+ pop+ sometimes emo (okay, not really, I just wanted to say emo for the heck of it) band, which turns into the most awesomest thing ever. (Hey, I'm a teen, I exaggerate things like, "There's this guy at school's who's like the hottest thing ever." See?)

3) Owl City

Top Songs:
Saltwater Room

Why I like him:
Adam Young (AKA Owl City) combines electronic with pop resulting in a, as Catherine Hardwicke would say, crazy cool collage of sounds. (See, I can sound just like her, pretty amazing, huh?)

4) Postal Service

Top Songs:
Such Great Heights
We Will Become Silhouettes

Why I like them:
Ben Gibbard (DCFC frontman) and Jimmy Tamborello have created really cool electro sounding songs that are both beautiful and surprising at the same time.

5) The Ruse

Top Song:
Beautiful is Gone

Why I like them:
They are simply an alt./ rock group which seem to grasp how rock music should sound without getting all scream-y.

6) Keane

Top Song:
Somewhere Only We Know

Why I like them:
This UK based group pairs up beautiful piano with hauntingly stunning vocals. This song always gives me butterflies in me stomach. (see, I've gone all Irish on ya)

7) Tyrone Wells

Top Song:

Why I like him:
Uh, I'm not really sure if it's just the fact that he croons this song with such skill, or the fact that the melody will stick with you all day. Whatever it is, it works.

8) We The Kings

Top Song:
Check Yes, Juliet

Why I like them:
These dudes know how to rock! They kind of remind me of a tamed Kings of Leon (don't like them at all.) for some reason. Maybe it's the long hair. Whatever, they do possess great talent, and I'd keep an eye out for them in years to come.

9) Band of Skulls

Top Song:
I Know What I Am

Why I like them:
Another UK group, this song was the free single of the week on itunes back in March. This song is very bouncy, and is best played while cruising down the highway in a convertible, or with the windows rolled down. (Especially if your dog sticks his moose-lips out the window, and they flap like crazy. Rather entertaining) I was expecting, like Death Cab, for this to be some emo-ish punk band, which, it's not. Just a good song overall.

10) Blue October:

Top Songs:
My Never
Into the Ocean

Why I like them:
The lead singer has a very unique voice, that sets him apart from others. The songs are different sounding, and cool. If you're a Stephenie Meyer fan, you'll know she adores this group. So, yeah.
So, take a listen and comment with what you think.

Love, Palin, and Crowder...


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